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Military Junkyard With Bombs And Tanks From 1943 | BROS OF DECAY – URBEX

Military Junkyard With Bombs And Tanks From 1943 | BROS OF DECAY – URBEX

hello guys hello guys welcome back to radio video I'm Lesley it's from Bordeaux jolly and we are here today we have heard that this place contains a bomb shells mission a military ammunition and stuff like that so we are very curious you can see here behind us looks like these here are military bunkers and on pictures this place is magnificent and we are now gonna check it out and we hope you guys like like gonna bitches mmm let's go okay let's see if you can find those bombshells loads of junk left behind here it's all possible in Belgium you see the effort that the government takes to clean up these places it's just minor this destroys the environment in my opinion all these tires left here and stuff like that okay but I'm not responsible for cleaning it up so I'm only responsible for filming it whoa this is a tire from tank I think as you can see the junkyard full of military equipment this is a first for me never seen something like this before old tires tires from tanks whoa we found some empty bomb shells over here as you can see they are all this mantle of course don't think we are gonna find some live bombs but it's pretty insane doesn't explode Wow it's pretty spectacular to see something like that are these minds says mine at the heavy fuse booster maybe these are these were mines how does the other side of a tank look over here this is like a military junkyard over here bombs Motors bombs everything mines tell me guys this is possible to find something like this in America I'm pretty curious about that oh yeah also oh wow look at this big one over here are these all bombs that were these were ammunition for it cannot ever eat the candles of the tanks I think things like disabled 30 kilos I will put pounds yeah yeah as you are walking through the side here we have to be really careful but it's actually some sort of abandoned scrap yard we believe and I think it was used for military purpose to enter unused ammunition and materials here so we have to be really careful look at him going over there over here we found some flare guns well when you're in danger you can fire them they can see you from a distance so cool insane let's left behind here there's some weird stuff sets up citizens ahead of here okay he just looked inside of here and these are a grenade launchers of course Aunt Edith and you need to enjoy shells launch a rocket Wow and there are tons and tons of keys inside in here all used incredible the result of all these are trying to transport tubes do to put explosive ends so you can transport themselves safely or some information inside my friend is giving me directions he's inside of a military car as we are gonna walk through there now so he says through here and then Oh or bike over here abandon bike further ok Imahara oh ok kinda hole in this map here in this container there should be some some tank tank trailers I don't know how you clean them or take cannons or something like that oh yeah wow you know some cannons these are really old ones Wow this one this we were looking for I don't know much about military so if anyone can give me some names or when it was used or where it was used so we have a little bit of a perspective what you are looking at here okay here down on the ground is an ammunition crate soldiers used to carry them with them and their ammunition would be in here so guys this place was kind of insane it was a metal scrap yard we know that but the military stuff that was lying here is just insane and I left it I want to thank you guys for watching the video losses live suscribe comment leave me a nice message and of course you will see you next week again bye guys you

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  1. I would say this is a metal dump from the cold war. Some of the clues are the ammunition crates and boxes. This stuff at least some of it is post 1965 material. The rocket launchers in the scrap bin are LAW M72 rockets. They are a one time use shoulder fired rocket. They didnt come into service till the 60's. The ammo crate 5.56 mm ammo is also post 65 as prior the NATO alliance used 7.62 rounds.

  2. Lesley, you asked if in the U.S.A. we might have old army salvage yards (like in this video)! Not to my knowledge! The U.S. is heavily into recycling. Doesn't the military in Belgium clean up their old trash? Obviously not! Those metal ammunition boxes you showed are sold in Army surplus stores here in the U.S. for the public to buy for carrying ammunition. In the U.S. we are allowed to own guns and ammo. We are not sure if the public citizen in Belgium are allowed to own weapons! Let us know!

  3. I live in the U.S.A. and have never seen military shells, etc. left lying around. Our government seems to recycle or sell vehicles, etc. to citizens use (not ammunition, but items like old duffle bags, uniforms, folding shovels, etc) at used military stores or give them to police agencies for use.

  4. 5:49, those US 66MM LAW rocket launchers are £150 a time on the Uk collector market.3:21 looks like an abandoned restoration sandblasted lower hull of a WW2 US M24 Chaffe Light Tank

  5. in USA near New YORK City there are Ship and boat graveyards on Staten Island . If you visit to New York city you could probably connect to people who know how to find them….methinks that there are some videos on Youtube of Ship and boat graveyards….military equipment graveyards may exist in the central and western parts of USA ….BUT…I haven't heard exactly where .

  6. This same location is also on "WatchDutch MD" – "Belgium Forgotten army dump – weapons, grenades, and more!"
    This video by Bros Of Decay is the BETTER version to watch. The other contributor doesn't present their exploration very well, and it's in snow so you can't see around the location easily.

  7. I grew up near a military base that was closed in the early 1970s. They cleaned up all their junk. There was nothing left behind. Part of the base was converted for a college. I attended many classes in an old WW 2 barracks.

  8. anything military would be secured in the(U.S) west(if still usable) and dismantled. They would be recycled into other things if possible.

  9. I can't believe that in that pile of shells, I saw two live ones with the head still intact! look closely!

  10. There are collectors here in New England that would pay a lot of money for this stuff. They run advertisements looking for it.

  11. we don't have that type of scrap of military here in America we have a military plane that's open to the public

  12. Wow! Remnants of war weapons…seeing them reminds me also of lives taken away because of these weapons. Great content brosofdecay –just like always! 🙂 Thank you much ^__^

  13. It's good to see you guys together again! What an amazing find!! The history is so incredible and sobering. Thank you for sharing. P.S. What a great intro! I thought I was watching a movie trailer!!!

  14. Is this in Holland? I'm English, though my Grandad was Dutch Resistance and was based in the Gouda and Maastricht area's.

  15. Awesome find guys very interesting location….thank you for sharing. I don't think there are places in American that have finds of this magnitude but there are places that some stuff has been found….mainly from the early wars that were fought here.

  16. Interesting subject and shots… To think they were used and soldiers held and some might have lost lives as they held those stuff… Now are just lying out there…. Not that I'm a war advocate but the very idea of those soldiers who fought just break my heart.

  17. You always explore the most interesting places. I would love to be able to be with you for one explore. ✌️❤️✌️

  18. Hey Jordi and Les… Thanks for sharing this amazing video.  Hoping these images will help to take care of our planet.  Keep going guys.

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