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Military Jeep First Start in 2 years

Military Jeep First Start in 2 years

all right so today we're going to be starting this m151 a1 it's been sitting for a couple years from Craig there's no coolant in it it's all drained out but we got the battery chargers and the booster packs live down here so we get a crank in 24 volt system already cranked over a little make sure everything works alright I forgot this thing has a choke on it so let's uh take advantage of that make sure ignitions on look at it idols everything just like I left it I mean is that money oil pressure cards in the batteries this is going to be for sale soon actually it's acquiring and running today there yo there's that all right so we got some water is it now thank you for a drive close the door on the side there we go all right cheers oh yeah four-speed reversed he break off their to drive four-wheel drive are locked out for our lights ignition or righto joke right this is mine is actually someone listen other is yeah I'll do that freaking men oh she wasn't ready for it Robert works never that into that one in oil purser get out of here little da speak we have a down that's right reverse is really close to third yes all right so there it is that's the 67 m151 a1 military Jeep this is a true military Jeep never left country as far as it works is still existent but is real to get alright so with that being said there's the m151 a1 military as the first time it's been started in a couple years make sure you like subscribe follow Jim clear days on Instagram and keep an eye out for all sorts of kind of off-the-wall side's content like this sorry this is shot on my phone I didn't have my camera here with me until next time peace fair enough

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  1. For those of you who are just getting into the M151 series of 1/4 ton trucks you will come to find they run much better with the air filter intake tube attached to the carb.

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