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Military Issue Grab Bag MTP

Military Issue Grab Bag MTP

folks this is Fernando dinner video for more survivalists in this case show you something pretty cool this is actually a British Army issued ammunition grab bag right and that's exactly what it says the designation that it has here on the label on the inside I'll show it to you guys changing the mood there for a second alright back ammunition grab bag MTP that's multi-terrain pattern batch number four even has a serial number so yes an actual military issue grab bag it's um it's actually the first one that I know that's actually a true military issue there are many commercial ones which many guys in the military probably use but this is the only one that I know of that the the military is actually providing and the intended purpose is it's pretty clear I mean it's um it's an ammunition back for for personnel whenever they need to quickly grab some ammunition and leave you will be having your three exterior pouches there on the side so as to quickly access them each one these are intended for a 30-round five five six a magazines then you have on the left you have your two pockets where for a two frag it grenades and then on the right you have another pocket for a smoke grenade maybe for signaling as you make your your escape then you have a top lid which you open to access the main compartment main compartment managers this is 27 centimeters by 24 centimeters by 7 centimeters deep you guys in inches will have to convert that but basically that's what it is could even put on maybe a laptop in there if they have something that you're looking for and as you notice you have this opening there which once you close the bag you can access from the top you have this flap that you can roll back and these two elastic bands basically works the following way you have your magazines your your using them your shooting and as you use up your magazines instead of just losing your mags you just drop them in there in the back securely so as to keep them basically intended as I drop a pouch or a drop bag of course you can quickly access whatever it is on the inside but at least for me it's clear that the intention is is to drop the magazines in there you know military-issue very very sturdy you have your your double stitching wherever it is actually needed you know such places you have your two inch shoulder strap with a with a shoulder pad for a bit more comfort there but I think these are made in in UK and attaching buckle sets will remove it because you have to remove that and that's it you know it's nice it's a it's a surplus bag I got it for like 25 bucks on on on eBay and it has you know some designation written there on the back no no big deal especially with a camel it's barely noticeable so it's it's all good yeah I saw some guys online talking about using this as a as an EDC bag which definitely could work perfectly I mean no problem there whatsoever especially being so so sturdy there's I think there are other versions of this same bag is I think that the latest ones have a buckles it set up so much velcro for foreign magazines but yeah there's several of these yeah buckles there for the four is frag grenades I think that for as an EDC bag maybe at least personally I think that being you know it's a can especially these clearly our magazine pouches so maybe that's not ideal at least away look it maybe this was just you know what black or plain color a OD green or some and this or tan or something that maybe not camel but I mean these are clearly are intended for if for their obvious use but yes you could actually put out a water bottle I actually fit in my a water bottle and one of these fits perfectly well so if you're okay with that and if camouflage you know it's not a problem and maybe if it's used more wherever is that you are definitely a nice cool little bag to keep in mind nice it's gonna be all for now remember to subscribe to the channel some thumbs up if you liked the video share it of course and that's it take care have a great day enjoy the rest of your weekend see you on our next video

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  1. The "serial number" around 0:32 is actually what is called the NSN or National Stock Number which is used by all NATO nations and many allies. The 99 means that it was made in the UK. The other numbers give a clue on the purpose plus the actual item number. Note that you can google the NSN and you might be able to find the item online.

  2. Thanks for posting this.

    I can see using it as an auxiliary to the BOB/GHB for enhanced weapons/first aid.  It looks easy and handy to sling on even when wearing a pack.

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