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Military Intelligence training

Military Intelligence training

[male narrator] Training how we fight plays a key role in winning battles against the enemy. [female narrator] Sergeant Deyane Moses takes us to one realistic training site for soldiers preparing to deploy overseas. [Sgt. Deyane Moses, Producer] [Col Thomas Miller] Soldiers are going to war. The environment that we create here is an exact duplication of what they’re going to see when they get to the theater. [Ft. Huachuca, Arizona] They won’t be shocked when they get to their first unit, and the environment that they work in would have become indistinguishable from what they trained in. So when they get to their units, they can contribute on day one and be part of the team. [SPC Christopher Weir] “That was actually really good- I could only imagine what it would be like if they never exposed us to this and we came out in the field and we suddenly have bullets whizzing by our head–I mean, that’s called shock. [Weir in field] We took contact and we beat the living pants off of them. Someone got shot–here–right in the head–and you should have seen the look on their face when they realized, ‘Wow, if this was real, I’m gone.’ Better to make mistakes here, when you’ve got a paintball flying at you, not a bullet. [female soldier] We shoot him? [male soldier] Not if he resists–you can tap him, but that’s all you can do. [another male soldier] You tap him. [female soldier] Why don’t you shoot him in the leg? [SSG Helen Auclair, Platoon SGTO Co 305th MI Bm] You know, it’s not going to be pitch perfect, it’s not going to be absolutely perfect, but I’m sure throughout the week they’ve got something they’re learning. [military drill, yelling, gunfire] [SSG Auclair] Sometimes you get more out of your losses than you do your wins, so they’ll get something out of this for sure. [SPC Weir] It’s just a way of trying to be prepared. We’re going to be deployed probably 3-4 months after we get out of here so this kind of training is the thing we need to make sure that we don’t mess up in the field and get people killed. Keep a look out, guys.

Reader Comments

  1. @aaronscrewme Appologies to soldiersmediacenter for highjacking the comments section. It's that guys fault. He started it.

  2. I am wondering if you get paid go play paintball like this and then try to get transferred to the silent drill platoon rather than facing combat?

  3. @SPARTAIN088 No it isn't and your joke is totally unoriginal. The 1950s called and want their phrase back.

    Anyway, gay video is gay. This explains absolutely nothing about military intelligence training, just showing an exercise with random soldiers doing random things for pre-deployment training.

  4. I Really Like The Video The 111th Military Intelligence Brigade trains for their upcoming deployment in an extremely realistic setting at Fort Huachuca, Ariz. Sgt. Deyane Moses reports From Your

  5. Congratulations, @shadowwolfhitsquadtv, you're a fucking moron. Intelligence soldiers are frequently integrated with infantry platoons because they're subject matter experts on the area of operation. (A.k.a. know where I.E.D.'s/enemies are) What's that, you want to call bullshit? Combat arms battalions have their own soldier slots specifically for intel soldiers, and they are used exactly like a combat arms soldier, only with an additional skillset. Long story short, unfuck yourself.

  6. I Really Like The Video The 111th Military Intelligence Brigade trains for their upcoming deployment in an extremely realistic setting at Fort Huachuca, Ariz. Sgt. Deyane Moses From Your

  7. I don't know what the fuck is going on in the comment section.
    Half are generated, and the other half is just crazy.
    Anyhow, I'm happy this video is here. I ship to Huachuca after Basic, and it's good to be able to see what I'll be doing.

  8. I'm in the British Army 53 MI Company, love it, you yanks certainly know how to make training fun, glad to have you on our side!

  9. dude all this MI shit is fucking bullshit they will never have a weapon in their hand. and 90 percent of the people i graduated with didnt know what the fuck they are doing. MI is a joke.

  10. minsan sa csm nilapitan ako ng recruitment officer para mag-militar…ang gusto ko lang naman ay malaman ang lasa pag-hinalo mo ang cake(dessert0 at vegetable salad(appetitezer) after twenty years na laman ko ang outcome ay flavor ng 7-up…

  11. 1:06 "Well then you shoot him in the leg!" – Female intelligence officer in training, giving advice that anybody who's ever taken an NRA gun course knows is wrong. If you discharge your weapon, you are assuming intent to kill whomever you're pointing it at. There is no "intent to wound" with firearms. Even if you do hit him "in the leg" as opposed to center mass, let's say you hit the femoral artery. Now you're providing life-saving care as you're attempting to extract the target. How she got this far in training without understanding a basic rule of firearms is a mystery somebody should try to solve.

  12. I fucking hate women being in combatant roles. It's sickening to know that our country is getting soft with that feminist crap.

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