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Military Helmets From 907 Surplus Store Anchorage Alaska

Military Helmets From 907 Surplus Store Anchorage Alaska

military helmets how to attach and adjust straps military helmets surplus store JBER 907 surplus anchorage wasilla alaska hi it’s AlaskaGranny if you have a combat or military helmet this is how you adjust and attach the strap inside the helmet. you take this strap right here and then
you will put it around his head fit it to his head first with the leather in fit the strap to his head make it fit around his head fit it in then what you do is you come in here
on the inside of the military or combat helmets the helmet has straps inside to hold the leather strap that fits your head see how it just straps in like with velcro yes I’m not going to take it all the way out you will have an example when you get home of you to fasten it with the velcro straps you want the leather strap to fit it to his head and
put it in the combat or military helmet here leather down just like this and then
it will strap in to the helmet to fit his head around the band here just wraps around the band goes in
there and that is how you fit it to his head so if he’s not jumping
around getting hurt yeah won’t be getting hurt to something can here yes it’s AlaskaGranny look what I am getting you can get all kinds of great stuff including helmets at the 907 Surplus Store in Anchorage Alaska learn more at please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel

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  1. Wow! You look lovely in Kevlar!!, how about one wearing a real steel pot , the old M1 helmet with an old fashioned marine helmet cover?

  2. It's funny how even now, 74 years later, you can still interchange parts from the new PASGT helmets with an original front seam fixed bale helmets and vice versa.

  3. Nice helmet. I love helmets. I currently have 52 in my collection. You have a really interesting channel. If you get a chance, check out my channel/videos. I collect old military stuff. I have several videos posted. Thanks

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