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Military Food: Inside an MRE

Military Food: Inside an MRE

Hey, today we’re going to talk about the Army MRE, “meal ready to eat.” A lot of people have heard tons and tons of stories about how bad
these things are – it’s really really not true. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to open one up. What I have here today is, this is number twelve, and it’s the bean
and rice burrito, and it’s vegetarian. So once we open this up, the first thing
that we’re gonna see – this is peaches, and they all come in this handy dandy brown piece of paper, keeps your meal all ready to go. These are not dehydrated. This is all squishy,
believe me, this really tastes good – peaches, real peaches. The next thing we’re going to see is a fruit bar. Now, I can actually open up the fruit bar because it’s not going to make a whole mess everywhere. The next thing that we’re going to look at, and this is – it might make a little bit of a mess, but
I’ll open it up anyways – it’s called a pound cake. This is just like civilian pound cake, may
not taste as good, but it’s something that is not that bad. Not dehydrated, again it’s fresh. It actually doesn’t taste bad. OK, in here is all your little accessories. You have your gum. You have matches. You have as much toilet paper as you need, right here. That’s your toilet paper. uh… salt. uh… people who like peanut butter, we have peanut butter. Really, really good, you put it on crackers, which we’ll get to in a second. And now that I’ve brought that up, I actually have crackers in here, peanut butter and crackers. Now, for the people who love to have their
stuff heated up – you can eat these. You don’t need to heat them up. They are edible right out of the package. This is our little heater system. In here, it’s a chemical reaction. Pour
a little bit of water in the bottom. Dump your main meal – which we haven’t
gotten to – into this. Ten minutes goes by. A bunch of steam comes out of here, it’s all nice and ready to eat. Now our main meal: this the black bean burrito and rice. Once again, take it out of the package. This is something we just can’t open up, but it’s actually beans and rice in here. Now, what you want to do, just so that you don’t get burned, you want to probably shove all this stuff in one of these little extra pouches, they also serve different
purposes. Set it aside. Ten minutes later, you’ve got food. And to add to your rice and
burritos is picante sauce. So, if you have any other questions, or if
you’ve ever thought about asking any questions about an MRE, you just had a
quick class on the MRE.

Reader Comments

  1. if you can eat the "meatloaf" mre and enjoy it – you are not human lol
    also the fumes from the heaters are real bad.
    the brit ones are miles better – trust me

  2. why cant they just give you a roll of toilet paper your diying for the country yet you barely get any toilet paper

  3. My cousin is GA National Guard he says the quality of the MRE depends on which one you're eating. He also says that the French MREs are the best you can get as far as quality and taste.

  4. You work and fight all day, mostly 16 hours and your only meal is burrito and pancakes with peannut butter? Man, i serve on Brazil Navy and here we got real food, something like: Rice, beans, meat, vegetables, pasta and outside the "box" you have 2 gums and one thing i don't know how to say it in inglish to heat your food. Only burritos isn't enough.

  5. If you are going to do a video about these you should demonstrate the whole thing. But they aren't horrible, I lived off of them for a while.

  6. I am pretty stoked about the vegetarian options. If there were some completely vegan ones we'd be in bidness 🙂

  7. I had them on a boy scout trip and they range from OK to Really good!!!! It just depends on your food preference and what MRE you get

  8. While reading memoir of a seal team six warrior he gave his MRE to a Iraqi warrior after he surrender and he even ATE the gum..

  9. Jalapeño cheese spread, and bacon cheese spread are good, so is the vegetable lasagna. The one he has is outdated. But I do miss the little Tabasco bottles

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  11. I do Duke of Edinburgh and we go camping and we bring this sort of food with us and I have to say some of them look vile but they all taste really nice, you never know until you try

  12. My dad is also in the air-force so he has a lot of these kind of things and I've tried a few and they all taste nice, they just look and feel gross 

  13. So when they eat this do they eat it in a bunker, or do they sit on the floor and spred out their food and gum tollit paper ect on a rock?

  14. I have a question I am considering stockpiling can food for survival worries and since canned food costs so much less how long do they last you? Mre or canned food? A single mre can cost you $7-10 bucks

  15. "as much toilet paper as you need" lol and no tortillas mentioned in the video but surprisingly they are very fresh in the mre!

  16. I saw that there is peanut butter in the MRE used in this video. Is there a version of MRE for people who can't have nuts? (Just curious)

  17. i'm a civilian, and have eaten MRES, they taste good to me. i had spaggetti , and red beans and rice, and chili, all were good.

  18. Mre sounds really good especially is survival situations like nuclear bomb or in the jungle I could eat that any day

  19. I've lived off of MREs during my SERE training for pilot. MREs are not bad at all and I was always excited to open them up to see what I got inside. It was like Christmas to me when I didn't eat for days at a time

  20. Who wanted to eat vegetarian food? I am sure every MRE and food in the military contained dairy and it would such if one could not tolerate it.

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