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Military Families: “We Think about Our Son Every Day.”

Military Families: “We Think about Our Son Every Day.”

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. And to the republic… I think for a kid with two active-duty military parents, it can be very
difficult because there’s so many things that take those parents away from him. he’s often just
alone with me. They do everything they can to try to be
here with him, but they’re Marines, and their lives don’t
belong to them. So, it’s a special life. It’s a special kid. What do mommy and daddy do? They’re Marines. They’re Marines? Do you know what that means? They fight the bad guys. The Armed Services YMCA here at Twenty-nine Palms has a program called Mommy and Me. The Mommy and Me program is a program where I take him because Mommy and Daddy obviously are not here all the time. Look at my fingers. Put all of them up on this one. My son gets to learn how to count, learn his colors, and I think the most important thing he learns is how to play and fit into a social
structure with other children. How to interact with other kids. It’s kind of like a structured playtime, just even out on the playground after class. They have a couple really good
programs here at our YMCA. They have the thrift store. The thrift
store supplies free uniforms to active duty Marines or military personnel. They’ve got clothing, they have toys, they have kitchen supplies all at really low prices, and the nice
thing about it is that it comes from people on base and goes back out to people on base. One of the nice things about this Y is the Thank You for Your Service Program. People from the community donate food. Today we get a loaf of bread, four potatoes, broccoli, cranberry sauce, plums. And we’ve got fried green tomatoes! Yay! I think it’s difficult for any kid to
have parents that are away from home all the time. We do tell him that sometimes
there’s a greater good or a higher purpose, but
when we’re gone we think about him every day, and we
love him very much. And for Mom and Dad to know that Rain is developing friendships with people who are in the same place that Rain is So that he knows that he’s not different, that our family is a normal family, that his parents just have a job that is very special and very worthwhile.

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  1. I'm so proud of my marine don and daughter in law and of this beautiful grandson I was given. Thanks YMCA!!!

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