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Military Exchange Heat Pt2

Military Exchange Heat Pt2

suck y'all sneak aficionado like on the Air Force Base on part to do the military exchanges have heat all right and I've already pretty much shown that yeah it just depends on when you go and when you find it alright they got these Katie's right here he's Katie knives and originally 120 and these are you know alright and I'm not a big Katie fan but I do like this solid color way right here and tuned is not my size it was actually too big I could probably get away with it you got some chucks sneaker boots right here you know a little too warm for these right now so you don't see the price come all the way down one of those originally well retail was 120 the exchange was selling for 96 and it down to 76 expect the price to definitely come down because it's just too warm for those here talk about these Chuck's right here not massage ball 450 equal $51 I'm right here backside same chucks with the premium leather going for 54 right there those are my size so I'm cooling to freak for the summer five seven four Jordan brain g23 if you into those lifestyle kicks so that's the cleaner side of things little girl section right my daughter they've actually moved his stuff around my daughter is not into the high-end sneakers and that's because parents typically putting it at kids I don't if it's purple pink something colorful it lights up she's cool with that ball the Jordans and also she could care less that's that's for us we put our kids in those things because we like them get stuff like this I got a pair of black and purple like this for our for our birthday and she loved them because the emoji things on the end and our friends like those are cool but yeah that's awesome we do that you don't care of all this stuff stay in Smiths oh the black and white Stan Smith's no me see the white and green joints come up on there $60 then that's something he's a little boys and 9 but I wearing I hmm keep those and I got your shelves 464 all whites I can't stand what people rock that dingy shelves with the dirty strings apparently that's a look now all right more stuff big clearance display right here he's a probably minimus shoes right yeah workout shoes nothing big full workout joints same thing canvas converse break points 1 stars I said a little Sun for the summer know the answer those 54 more workout kicks that's the thing you're gonna see in these exchange so it was the Post Exchange basic sayings neighbor stains green choice and you know they want to focus on the workout shoes not to say that they don't have hot kicks in here mortals lifestyle joints probably some basketball yeah some running shoes I was just any-any moving stuff around already but that's good Vance not a big fan of the veins but they got bands here for the lope you better over tax-free they got your veins and you if they go me contains bands will make you dance the garden it's not my thing last time I was any I made a mistake I walked past a sneaker display joint yep there we go they got some new forces and these uh University red sweet joints for 72 we got some black and white things I yeah so you got the black and white ones right here for 72 don't have my side so I can get away with 95 million force 1 so if I wanted those they here it's gonna mold workout kicks will workout kicks you got daddy on the grills ones right here the Monarchs daddy on the grill ones blazes SBS fall to skateboard types the godom I will hit the high and the showcase you lose the ones that really want you to buy say the normal standard Smith's right here the green and white ones you always see still succeed in us pull models a k2 high top show tools I got these for 49 know there's still out there like that to see the white joints over 60 you know all bloggers are 64 alpha bounce 80 80 don't expect any nmds in here at all the buyer pride doesn't know what they are there's always the old price 990s so no people are seeing these back on practice $130 574 yeah I got the blue ones i sho job from Fort Sam Houston some holes I'm a gooch loves these things I saw him rocking I was some years ago 56 bronze probably 120 yep what's one you just kind of know most of the high and kicks gonna be around 120 112 Kobe's instincts 80 and this is the last shoes on I can actually fit these but I'm not a Kolby sneaker fan I think he has some of the ugliest kicks in my opinion Curry's a mess well unarmored oh okay 112 I'll have a color we like this they got the red and white ones I've been seeing around here to Katie's the lows I think he's at 80 yet $79.99 Jordan one loads I'll have one pair lows you had a Katie nines 120 and red alright to fit those tens I solve it this is a long shoot knit okay this is something new right they got the wood grain and this is a hooking fastener all the military sites will velcro that comes off they doing that with the release of the bronze – so my coffees a just so deal with the premium leather look at that got a better camera like that same colorway wanted to hide I got some flights Craig $90 super-flexible pregnant yep 95 nein I I kind of know how to pray stuff well I was only doing this for 20 years 72 for the regular ones those are contrasting leather so that in my opinion that $80 price point is good ritual ones yep 112 like the other ones and I think you got something the blue joints like this too blue white and black my favorite pair of j's are the ones premium ones 128 I know it the perforation that's dope eight and a half so if you buy this shoe you have to clean this one up people been handling it and they got the reverse course 128 black they did an awesome job with the leather on here guy give it to him so it actually work yeah well paid it no tax and they always revamp in some concepts so you can look at it look at the deletion system and ask yourself what Jordans did they get those from mmm no hard to tell so they got something that's iconic and work yeah they won't throw it back out there trying to respond to the you know the NMD ultra boost adidas deal they got unlock another thing like I just told you they get a concept a reworking with a strapping system come home and that strapping system will not wrap dog around like that is on a fusion sneaker as well some mowett X 56 because of that see that cam is right this is a way better camera I had before hopefully when I upload it retains his value and compression doesn't kill it 56 nothing special right there nah dude I'm saying cats and these it is different cloud forest where would you want to wear when you wear so I was picking up to today so it looks like they got my size was they probably do because Jews don't really know about kicks like that and mass you always find some stills and Cassie went hiking boots and running shoes with everything and we'll try these Katie's this is part of the collection some high school okay just to be safe would you like always do just grab one of the shoes and run off all right so I got these uh keen arms all black and these are the one hey how you all for it long is hectic and hard to put on so this is purely a performance basketball sneaker I don't I don't know about these awesome mom everyday rocket inserted a garage in utilities I don't know about these but just to say you got them justice so you've got these I don't know but for he wears in 120 it's not a bad person where's the steal no tax yeah please just eat – and I long to say I know so I'm not affecting this likes on that and I will get these Katie's what I did pick up what it was a white with the tanning uh premium Air Force Ones yeah this is a basketball performed shoot if you just wanted to add to your collection does your fan yeah that's all you not this guy this part right here makes a heart attack to take off and put on these tents and he still will still use that you haven't put these back on the clearance with it long you

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  1. Can you zoom out some on your next video. I wanna see all the shoes not just when you put them in front of the camera

  2. One key factor I forgot to mention about Military Exchange sneaker hunt. The military gets paid on 1st and 15th so people tend to shop more on those days so expect not see much stock if the store managers are not managing their inventory properly. It can look pretty bare in there and Fort Sam Houston is notorious for that. They have a high trainee population so the majority are in that 18-25 age bracket and love sneakers.

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