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Military equipment for sale on internet Fort bragg NC

Military equipment for sale on internet  Fort bragg  NC

I an undercover I team investigations exposing a danger to our troops and a waste of our taxpayer dollars steve daniels is here now and steve how did you find out about them well it was a soldier at fort bragg who tipped us off asking us to investigate military equipment for sale on the Internet if the military gear gets in the wrong hands it could be used against our troops in war zones and it may be theft from the government theft of equipment paid for with your money as you'll see we found a lot of military gear for sale on eBay and Craigslist so we launched a hidden-camera investigation sorry man I do travelin man you got spring break this week yes sir the i-beam is undercover oh we're gonna get 135 150 in a wake county parking lot must be a dunk by opening up farther from the back hello man I scored it that's a high school student selling what he says is a piece of military equipment it's a body armor plate used to protect soldiers in war zones looks really did this was not a lot of scratches oh yeah we got it took real good care of it you need get shot at so then look like this received any fire yeah a little remote thing right yeah he says he's a teenager so we're blurring his face the i-team discovered he's selling the body armor on craigslist for $175 can buy them online he told us he was surprised when he received it inside an interceptor vest he bought on eBay now he's reselling it while it's not illegal to sell it does concern the government there is no legitimate civilian purpose for military-grade body armor I'm sure the military would not want to have available to anyone on the street Greg Koontz is an investigator with the Government Accountability Office we spoke with him from the ABC News Bureau in Washington his team also went undercover and bought a dozen sensitive military items on eBay and Craigslist they were able to buy things like these f-14 fighter jet parts in demand by Iran they also bought these nuclear chemical biological suits worn by our soldiers and body armor this stuff was being sold by a Special Forces sergeant at Fort Bragg they also bought these night-vision goggles selling military equipment can also be criminal san diego a former Marine is facing federal charges prosecutors say Douglas rubs them sold components for night vision goggles to people in at least 14 countries rubs him says he did not do anything illegal we control the night we lose that we lose a significant tactical or even strategic advantage on the battlefield the i-team scanned ads for more than a month on craigslist and ebay we found a lot of military items for sale things like tactical gear boots knives gas masks and we also met undercover with sellers who showed us their military issued uniforms weapon holsters and interceptor body armor it's difficult for us to tell if a gear is stolen from the military some military gear can be demilitarized and legally sold but when the GAO did its investigation it had access to government serial numbers in most of the cases we investigate in 2008 it was in fact stolen items stolen from taxpayers a waste of taxpayer money any time military equipment is sold to the public and it's not being used by the soldiers for the intended purposes it's a waste of taxpayer money with the nation's fiscal problems now that's something we should all be concerned about army uniforms for sale on the internet like we found pose a real concern for the Pentagon in 2007 there was an incident in Iraq where Iraqi insurgents had US military uniforms and they infiltrated a complex and killed five US soldier boots and his team of government investigators found army uniforms and infrared tabs used at night to identify American soldiers being sold in at gym and you said this was used in Iraq in two thousand this is pretty impressive stuff the weight county high school student offering to sell the i-team body armor says he bought it from a soldier Afghanistan first then the dude told me he had another deployment arrest he says he also wants to go into the military but he may not realize the things he's selling on craigslist could one day put himself and other american troops in harm's way this is kinda like a passion for you that and it's paying my gas bill driving around after that undercover encounter we called the teenager and gave him a chance to talk about what we found in doing but he did not want to talk to us and what did people at ebay craigslist have to say well we did reach out to them they both have policies in place to prevent the sale of military issued items that should not be sold to the public the soldier who tipped us off says he knows from experience many items are not collected from soldiers when they return from a war zone he says the army could save a lot of money if it kept better track of its gear the pentagon refused to comment for this story if you have something you want the i team to investigate please send us an email here's the address investigates at ABC 11 mail com you'll also find a link through our website at we get the best ideas from

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  1. Seven years ago they were worried about mere theft. Now, in the same place where it happened, it's total acquisition.
    You know what I speak.

  2. okay, i can get the ACU, BOOTS, and tactical vests. but ballistics armor? are you that serious, i know in the north hollywood shootout they made there own but that armor is made not just to protect small arms fire, .308 maybe and 40-60 yaght. oh, they do know that know that ATN corp( the militarsy main supplie for night vison) sells there products, google ATN corp and youll see.

  3. Lol nbc suits you can get at surplus shops, 3apasgt 92 bucks, hell lota gasmasks at surplus shops, blackboots surplus shop dont use em anymore etc.

  4. You can get the exact same gen.3 nvg's at gander mountain, well thanks to this news cast army navy stores will be shut down

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