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Military Drill and Etiquette

Military Drill and Etiquette

“Attention!” The most basic military command, but what does it really mean? In the simplest terms, it means that you’re alert and ready to receive instruction. This is Military Drill and Etiquette. When you enter the United States Navy, you’re expected to adhere to a set of standards that govern your military commitment, and far beyond. When you’re called to serve your country, you should familiarize yourself with a few basic commands that will make your transition from civilian life into military life much easier. “Fall Out” – Even though you’re free to break ranks, you are to remain nearby. “At Ease” – Relax, but you must not speak while in this position, and remember to keep your right foot in place. “About Face” – A calculated move that allows you to remain in formation and rotate to face the rear. When you hand salute, you must remember that you are showing respect and courtesy. To this end, a salute must be crisp, dignified and while at attention. Eye contact is expected. Equally important is your conduct upon the quarterdeck. An untrained watch stander can be the cause of disorder and missed assignments. In order to maintain order on the quarterdeck, you should always be in proper uniform, be on time to relieve your off-going watch stander, and follow the rules that govern who boards and who goes ashore. It’s important to understand the correct positions and why you need to follow these orders. The proper way to act while serving your country is a matter of great importance and should not be taken lightly. Familiarize yourself with these and other Drill and Etiquette command before you report for duty.

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  1. Dot com is the recruiting site, Ricky. No OPSEC being broken here, mostly public information on the Nav you can get from most libraries.

  2. military training sticks with you no matter how many years pass, lol everytime i hear delay cadence and left left left right right left, it subconscious makes me start marching and wait for a about face or right flank etc.. command haha

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