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Military Boots Review/Unboxing (Thorogood Made in USA)

Military Boots Review/Unboxing (Thorogood Made in USA)

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  1. That's because the sierra sole is good for sand. The panama sole is good for extremely muddy terrain. The 360 vibram sole is the all terrain one. It may not shed mud as good as Alabama sole but it still provides good traction.

  2. MY  GORE TEC.  boots have lasted for a few years an look kinda new still, they are very comfy, got a pair of these combat boots, gave me blisters the first time. but I just gotta break them in is all,

  3. "Military boots"…LOL!
    Those boots are not military boots.
    I have never been issues Thorogood boots. Usually Danner or Altama, NEVER Thorogood, ever!

  4. Surplus desert boots are the best hiking boots. I hiked in Alaska with a $15 pair of Bates surplus desert boots. Gore Tex too! $15

  5. yes that's a good deal for USA made boots!..I buy mine at flea markets too..Belleville, Bates,Danners,Rocky and Mcrae…try the new Nike field boots..they are exceptionally light!

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