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Military Auction Pickups & A Free Item eBay Reselling

Military Auction Pickups & A Free Item eBay Reselling

yo guys its Neil a quick video here for you going to show you a few things that I've picked up at auction over the last few days and also i'm going to show you something I picked up for free this morning on the way to work so there are what's driving to work this morning as you do always keeping my eye out in driveways etc for stuff that people are throwing out and at the end of our road there was a pile of stuff outside this house and I saw this sticking out from underneath the pile and yeah it's a it's an old pine blanket box it's in a bit of a state it's definitely a project for board and senior but he'll get stuck into this it will strip it all down get all the paint off it and renew it make it look fantastic and probably turn it into a 50 60 pound item so yeah it's structurally sound I think it's got a bit of Woodward but that will be treated and as a sale to take all the paint off it it's not got the original hinges got some pretty nasty-looking in use but will change those strengthen it all up a bit and yeah so not bad for free it's pretty good round side you can see it's nice size yeah just amazing what people throw out so yeah that was a good start to the day yeah whilst we're on the subject of wooden items you may or may not remember some months ago I showed in one of my videos two sets of step ladders that I picked up from auction one of them one of them was a lattice step Victorian pair of step ladders that I picked up and the other one with in the lot was was this pair here now the Victoria lattice step ones I sold for 90 quid to going Germany I'd sole repair to him before and when I put this pair up he bought those as well so he's obviously a and user gotta use for those those steps and I didn't do anything to them I basically just put more past they were and they saw up fairly quickly to the guy in Germany and then there was this other set now for the lattice debt and these I paid 50 quid so I'd already got my money back and profit on the lucky step selling to the guy in Germany but these were in a bit of a sorry old state they were disgustingly dirty they were black they were all broken the hinges were hanging off the back they really did need some work doing too so pass them over to my dad and here we are month or so later fantastic pair of cedar stepmothers now they're quite popular for use in retail environments as display now these are these are lovely steps they're structurally absolutely side I don't know if you can pick it out here but the finish on them all he's done is cleaned what all these dummies rub them down but it's brought out the original brain in that in the cedar and the edges of these treads are worn with age they really are a nice set of ladders absolutely structurally solid very very lightweight that's cedar is obviously a lightweight wood and that's why they use them with with them instead of others and they're very strong so yeah really really pleased with the way they've come up so I'm going to photograph those this morning and I'm going to get those up and I she'll be asking probably 70 80 quid may take a while for them to sell but i'm pretty sure given time they will do so yeah really happy with those he's doing a fantastic job as always and yeah very very nice paris set of step buzz and these pick these are put the auction the other day nobody was interested in them it's a pair of USA American flights a flight suit lightweight flight suit unfortunately there's no badges on it but it is it is an American one it's got the original label in there you can see coveralls Flyers summer fire resistant 40 inch along in good condition there's no rips or tears in it it's a nice suit structure later to say there's no there's no problems with it or all they're all the things all the zips and everything are in place they all work and including commission cost me 12 quid so I was going to be buying that all day long and a couple of other bits that I got at the same auction where i bought the overalls from the the flight suit this is a Australian Army World War two emergency Russian tin still sealed not been opened you see it's got the ring ring a pole there and yes a nice thing never seen one of these before on the back it's got the Australian equivalent of our broad arrow I guess the DD arrow amf Australian military forces emergency ration to be consumed only when no other Russians of any kind are procurable consumption of this Russian must be reported at first opportunity instructions for use are printed under cover of container a gas Gadsden container now i'm pretty sure it's the same as the UK one it's probably full of a very highly high calorific chocolate inside and as i say and it's still sealed i'm obviously not going to open it but to yeah nice little lighter and paid six quid for that plus commission so seven just over seven quid it's going to pick that up all day long and this is a magnetic Mart one british army marching compass you can see their broad arrow baker light case nice condition just look inside it excuse me but yet you can see it's still there it's working and i pay 15 quid for that plus commission now not sure yet well i'm going to keep that for myself or whether i'm going to resell it and the same goes for the Russian 10 I may well keep both of these items for myself but yeah nevertheless didn't pile of the money forum and i'm going to pick items like that at all day long military items for those sort prices so yeah quite pleased with those and the final item from the same auction as all the other military stuff is this world war two british army commando steel-framed external steel-framed rucksack really nice thing that it's in great condition structurally absolutely solid there's nothing wrong with it all the straps are all in good condition there's no rips or tears to it there's a bit of bit of mark there's a few scuffs and scrapes on etc it's a nice things in good condition just don't little pay up sing inside it's it's in good condition also this is picked up or anybody at the it was catalogued as a as a military-style rucksack and I think that's all that people off the clock while it probably isn't a brilliant military war but on closer inspection I've managed to find a 1945 stamped Broad Arrow so the Broad Arrow is the military military mark 1945 date set to World War two and yeah it's a I think it's is it Bergen I think that's the brand name that goes with these types of packs but yeah you can see it's all it's all in decent condition in science a bit grubby but you know it's it's World War two it's going to be a bit glob it's been around a bit so yeah and nobody wanted it and I played a tenner for it so I'm quite happy with that shoot it for 65 quid for this so should be a very nice return indeed alright guys so there we have it a couple of bits there hope you found that interesting just a quick update on sales last week just over 800 pound gross sales which was quite a good week very good week in fat very happy with that this week start there okay as well here we are where are we now Wednesday morning so yeah happy with the way things are going i hope everybody else is doing well hope you getting plenty of stuff listed and picking up plenty of killer stuff and i'll see you all in the next video thanks guys

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