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Military antiques YouTube channel! [About me and my collection]

Military antiques YouTube channel! [About me and my collection]

hello everybody this is war story with Alec I'm Alex and I'm from st. Petersburg Russia I collect military antiques travel a lot and attend the biggest military shows and exhibitions in United States in Finland in Germany in France and Belgium and Sweden between 1939 and 1944 there was a big battles around my native city Leningrad but that is why I have been interested in German and Soviet items and history of that period as long as I remember and since I was 11 I started digging or relic hunting if you wish now I am studying things like German and Soviet edged weapons field equipment medals base and other military antiques and collectibles also called war souvenirs I have been making youtube video blog for more than two years now and filmed two seasons so far I often see comments at my Russian channel from people all over the world that I should make proper English subtitles but I decided to do more and launched new English Channel I am going to translate best videos from past two seasons if you show interest i will produce special editions for english-speaking audience so subscribe to my channel press a bell not to miss any videos it is going to be interesting [Applause] you

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  1. Hi Alex! Brilliant job. Let.s continue this Great Project and have a good luck! Best regards. Keep watching🤗😎😉

  2. Отлично, Алексей! Теперь с твоей помощью мы и английский свой улучшать будем! Лучший образовательный канал ютьюба!

  3. Спасибо Алексей !Очень хочу выучить английский язык.

  4. отличное произношение. Ютьюб субтитры четко сгенерил без ошибок.

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