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Militaria and Gun Show in Chantilly Virginia, Vol 1

Militaria and Gun Show in Chantilly Virginia, Vol  1

we're here at chantilly virginia near Washington DC and we're doing a short video on the military a show put on by see any gun show promotions and we're just going to go around a look at some of the merchandise they have at the military show here in Virginia this this merchant has a lot of more modern stuff okay rifle clips myth gear let's see web gear MREs get a lot of uniforms some helmets camo uniforms what's he got helmet liners stuff I recognize Smokey the Bear hat over here another helmet you get various kinds of pack I'm just mentioning sucks that I recognize that don't recognize it all so once excellent this thing is clocked at more Smokey the Bear hat you got helmet give it here I'm some good rifle clips for m16s I guess a gas mask first aid kits more gas masks the flashlight jetflash like gloves pistol belts and a lot of ammo cans and he's got the expended cartridge cases more cartridge cases plastic let's see night-vision cases the phone Phil makes a good gun case he's meant let's go over here around the corner you've already been here we'll go around the corner and find a guy who got from the older stuff

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