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Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Lauren Graham Movie HD

Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Lauren Graham Movie HD

Boy: My name is Rafe Katchadorian, and
welcome to my crazy life! *Digital alarm goes off* Rafe: (says to drawing) Shut it down boys. Mom: Please tell me you didn’t stay up all night drawing again… Mom: I know it’s hard to start a new school,
but there’s a whole world out there. Rafe: There’s a whole big world in there, too. Rafe: This is my sister Georgia. Rafe: (yelling) Mom, she’s doing it again! Mom: She’s gonna get me arrested. Georgia: Hello, not getting any younger here! Mom: Do that again and you’re not getting any older, either. Rafe: This is my mom’s new boyfriend Carl. Carl: Phone lady, search for ways to get rid of kids you don’t like. Siri:”Calling Mommy.” Carl: (yelling) No, stop, stop, hang up, hang up! Carl: Hey mom! I’m breaking up, eghhhhhh– Carl: Gotta go. Rafe: And this, (Principal: Excuse me,) is my new Principal, Dwight. Principal: Everything you have on is breaking rule number 22. Rafe: What’s rule number 22? Principal: The code of conduct, read it! Principal: Look what’s happening to your shirt. Principal:Nobody needs to see where
your chest hairs are going to be. Rafe: So, yeah. Rafe: This year is gonna be fun. Teacher: No loitering! Move it people. Friend: Intense, huh? Rafe: Seriously? It’s like I’m in prison! Teachers and Principal: No outside food, no talking, no laughing,
no going to the bathroom. Teacher: It’s a pretty common rule. Principal: Don’t you see, Rafe? Principal: My school, my rules! Friend: This is hilarious! Teacher: Hey! Teacher: Hand over the notebook. Principal: Rule number 26. Read it out loud. Rafe: Written material deemed inappropriate will be destroyed? Principal: Bring the yellow bucket! Rafe: You don’t understand, those drawings mean everything to me! Principal: Creativity has no place in this school. Drawings: Rafe, save us! Principals: Rules are rules. Drawings: Your new principal suuuccckkkkss. Rafe: No risk, no reward. we have to fight. Friend 2: We’ve gotta take on the establishment. Rafe: Alright guys, I’ve given you all your assignments. Rafe: Let’s break every rule in the code of conduct Rafe: To expose Principal Dwight. Friend 3: Alright Katchadorian… Friend 3: I’m in. Rafe: Let’s do this! Kids: *cheering* Mom: What are you doing? Rafe: I’m just excited to get to school early. Mom: Really? Principal: Oh my gosh… Principal: that could have been me! Georgia: If you get caught, you’re gonna end up in a new school, called prison. Principal: I will find the hooligans Principal: and I will bring them to
justice. Student: Uh, the microphone is on the fritz, sir. Principal: (cut together) I. like. my. big. butt. *Classroom laughs* Rafe: It’s a good day. Janitor: Whoever did this is committed to the art.

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  2. Words seriously can't describe how awful this movie is. It's the most unrelatable piece of garbage made just for a bunch of cheap laughs and cash.

  3. just like tell me the rules so I can break every Motherfucking one of them rule 26 immediately kisses the cutest girl

  4. I still don’t think these pranks are as funny as in the Captain Underpants books, where two boys make the school cafeteria snow, pour bubble mixture into the marching bands’ instruments, sprinkle the cheerleader’s pom-poms with pepper, switch the football team’s sunscreen with itching cream, change up the school’s newsletter to “no school today due to lack of interest,” and I can’t remember the rest.

  5. Creating unlawful rules, Illegally rigging tests to fail, framing students, unlawfully firing staff who help students. If this was my principal i would haved stapled him, stabbed him with a pencil, n scissored him before exposing his crimes

  6. When principal Dwight said no going to the bathroom that was stupid because what if you really had to go to the bathroom what would you do have to go to the bathroom in your pants?

  7. Same with me because my brother died from a heart disease and every day I think again and when i am in sports i think of him and i feel like it gives me powers to believe that he will always be on my side

  8. I think that this is the MC's worst years of life because of his brother, not the principal or the rules or anything else.

  9. Wait, so Leo isn’t actually real and Rafe is just imagining him the entire time? Because in one scene, Leo climbs in Rafes bedroom and Rafe tells him to keep it down because his mom thinks Leo is bad influence. 🧐

  10. I cried so much during this movie. I first was wondering why the other dude didn’t get in trouble for stopping in the middle of the hallway or other things he did. Then, it hit me. As soon as it did I felt the tears rolling down my face. Then, I cried when his sister asked him to stop the trouble. Then, I cried when I saw the picture of the family and when the mom said that Leo was gone. Then, I cried when he was reading the letter. Then, I cried when the girl asked about Leo. Then, I cried when Leo went away in the space ship. Then, I cried when they kissed.

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