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Michelle Obama’s First White House Christmas: “Absolutely Magical” | The Oprah Winfrey Show | OWN

Michelle Obama’s First White House Christmas: “Absolutely Magical” | The Oprah Winfrey Show | OWN

There’s so many firsts
in the White House. I remember the “Chicago
Sun-Times,” the first time you all came to the White House. It was this big front page
story with you in the red dress. The first time you spent the
night at the White House, your first cabinet meeting
at the White House. What’s your favorite first? Gosh, that’s a good
question– Christmas. OPRAH: Your first Christmas? Beautiful. And I’ve never visited the
White House during Christmas. And it was just
absolutely magical. But the other thing
was the first snow. It was pretty. Yeah. It was the first one.
That was– And these guys– Michelle
and the girls went out. We had basically a cookie tray. MICHELLE OBAMA: Yeah. The carpenters were
turning them into sleds. OPRAH: Into sleds? This has been an amazing journey
the two of you took together. Has the presidency
redefined your marriage? You know, I think that it’s
been an absolute journey. I don’t think the presidency
has defined it differently, but I think the
journey here has. OPRAH: The journey to it. The journey here
has, definitely. What do you think? I think that
sounds very sensible. Look, the truth is, I think our
marriage is stronger than ever. And I think Michelle
is absolutely right that the course of this
campaign — all the struggles that we went through, making
sure that we were balancing our kids’ needs,
Michelle’s needs with the demands of the
campaign– all that I think reaffirmed our
commitments to each other in a really powerful way.

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  1. Oprah, please load onto YouTube, the story about the Black family with the many girls who was sexually abusive by there father at the invite of their mother. Father was sent to prison for the sexual abuse.

  2. Wow. This couple got stronger thru the presidency – those are some challenging circumstances. Once more, I'm impressed with this couple

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