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Meteor Missile Deal To Win Back India’s Aerial Supremacy Against China And Pakistan

Meteor Missile Deal To Win Back India’s Aerial Supremacy Against China And Pakistan

The Meteor missile, which is coming along
with the Rafale combat deal will help reestablish the aerial supremacy of the Indian Air Force
(IAF) against their rivals in Pakistan and China. India has bought a package of the European
Meteor missiles along with the Rafales and will prove to be game changers due to their
beyond-visual-range striking capability of close to 150 km. In the Kargil war the Indian Air Force had
complete air superiority over the Pakistan Air Force as it did not have any beyond-visual
range missile fitted on their F-16s or the Chinese supplied planes. The Meteor missile was not part of the Rafale
deal that was being done by the UPA government but when Prime Minister Modi decided to go
in for an emergency procurement of the Rafale planes from France, the Air Force desired
to include the Meteors as part of the weapons package. During the Kargil war, IAF had two beyond-visual-range
(BVR) missiles which included the French Super 530D with semi-active radar homing and the
Russian Vympel NPO R-77 with active radar homing/infrared homing missiles which deterred
the Pakistanis from using its fighter plane fleet in the Kargil war with India. ‘The over-arching consideration was the BVR
missile capability of IAF fighters which impinged unfavourably on the mission success probability,’
said a former Pakistan Air Force Commodore. However, the situation changed after the Americans
the AIM120-C5 BVR missiles with inertial guidance and terminal active radar homing features,
it has the capability of taking out enemy planes 100 km away and it is already integrated
on their F-16s. This somewhat changed the balance in terms
of aerial superiority over the skies of South Asia, but with the Meteor coming in now, IAF
can again say that it would be able to completely dominate in terms of air-to-air battle with
aerial adversaries. It is widely believed that even the Chinese
don’t have any proven air-to-air missiles that can be launched from any of their fighter
planes. Besides, one good thing about the Meteor is
that it has not yet been integrated with any American-origin aircraft and the Pakistani
F-16s or the Chinese-origin JF-17s can’t get anytime soon The possibility of the Chinese
integrating them is also entirey ruled out. India is currently going to get the missiles
with the Rafale that it has procured but has plans of integrating these missiles on the
Sukhoi Su-30MKI air superiority combat jets, which will further enhance IAF’s capabilities
against Pakistan and China.

Reader Comments

  1. PL-15 is 400km missile. See first kill first. 5th gen missiles shoots over the shoulder, do not require you to dogfight, therefore no need to point your nose at your opponent. India thinks yesterday's wars. US confirms China has these missiles, because China always prove to the US through exercises. Russians can also confirm Chinese capabilities in this area. India really think you have the longest range at 150km? Please stop lying to yourselves, it is embarrassing.

  2. If there is a symbol and level of nations stupidity that is india which is on peak and everyone can compare the level of stupidity to this nation , they thinks france is more advance in weapons competition as compared to china , chinese might if its economically , airforce or navy is now able in such a way that its capturing the africa, srilanka , south china sea pakistan and many more as its allies and are spreading very fast as a global super power beating US in each and every field. Trade is on top and defense is now 95% sel sufficient where as indians are still drinking piss.

  3. Recorded voice..haha supremacy…indian pilots and planes were shot down can watch the videos of their planes….

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