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Metal Detecting and the Search for a Gold Ring Gem

Metal Detecting and the Search for a Gold Ring Gem

(I made this hunt before my accident) (Short health report update in description below) I saw these bushes and went inside. First find. I need the shovel today for a marked “treasure” spot. But let’s take a look here first. That’s coke. The ground is disturbed by animals. A pull tab. This one sounds a little bit better. Another pull tab. I have a mosquito net on my hat – sometimes it covers the lens. I apologize for that. This place is no good… Time to move on. My trousers are covered with ticks. Another abandoned (vegetable) garden. What is this? There. What a beauty. It’s a coin. “1 Pfennig” (1984). And who are you? He brought a friend. Foil. And the rest of it. Another “1 Pfennig” coin (1991). A third “1 Pfennig” coin (1950). I don’t have the intention to stay here… One more target and I’m moving on… It’s a dart. It still works. I have to secure the tip. There could be other finds, but I have different plans… I will revisit a spot where I found a gold ring… …extract the soil from the hole and look for the missing gem. But let’s take a look at other spots first… I have no idea. I need to silence that thing. It isn’t normal how loud it is. The speaker is already taped. Leaves should help. I don’t expect anything good coming from this signal. Foil. A piece of coke. And something else next to it. It’s a button. GPS (POI) #1 A surface find. Wow. This looks like a military buckle plate. WWI? French artillery corps? Please help me to ID this object. GPS (POI) #2 Whatever it is, it’s a great find. A strange plant. It’s a button. With eyes. And a big smile! The environment communicates with me in a funny way. Let’s give this signal a chance. A strange object made of lead. I have no idea what this could be. Bushes… A tick. They are everywhere. Modern trash? What did he say? It’s nothing… Hmm… It’s in the plug. A tiny heart. A pendant. What is going on… Is there something still in the hole? Could be a chain… It sounded very weak. Hmm… Looks like a very old nail. It looks like another heart, but it’s just trash. These bushes are nasty. Armed with dry, sharp thorns… An old nail. And a modern one. My wig. I see these conditions as a chance. If a place is already hunted, this can be a good choice. It looks like a (big) chain. It goes deeper into the ground. I don’t know (yet) what it’s made of. Or if something is attached to it on the other end. The problem with chains is… It’s impossible to predict the direction underneath the soil. Whatever it is, I don’t want to destroy it. I have to get rid of some of the branches. The thorns are constantly pecking my head. I also don’t want to loose an eye (or two). If you don’t think about it, you can stand up and face a thorn. I was careless too many times, only luck saved me. Isn’t this iron? I think, it is – modern on top of it. Ticks… It’s annoying. I’m sorry (it’s my allergy). A fuse. It was just a question of time. A tick. A piece of foil. Something small in the plug. Ring from a tiny bird. A coin – “10 Reichspfennig” (1940’s). What is this? My pinpointer was calling me after I left it! Garrett’s best model – this one had its own soul. Trash. A terrible web of roots. Another coin. “10 RPF” (1920’s?). It’s a coin. “10 RPF” (1940’s). I’m near the spot where I found a gold ring. This was the ring. I’m here for the missing gem. The General wants to watch.. I will extract the soil from this hole and take it home. I will then sift out every stone and look for the gem. My assistant will make sure I won’t miss anything. OK, now the hole. The chances are small. I tried it in the past and never found the gem. A happy hamster. I will now cover the hole with leaves in case I need more soil. But I think, this should be enough. I will show you the result at the end of this video. It’s a button. Another signal next to the previous one… Looks like a similar button. There is more… Third button. A “button spill”. Again? OK, one more. Hmm… Button #5. Noises… OK, now it’s time for the deep signal (from one of my previous hunts). It must be here somewhere. That’s a small, shallow object. I apologize for the camera angle. A rivet? There is my deep treasure! I had to pass on that the last time. OK, let’s do it! That’s not a plug… That’s a plug. The spot looks like an abandoned garden… The area is probably heavily modified… Chances of finding a Roman pot with coins are small… But I wouldn’t mind to find a hidden jar with 1800’s silver coins. Yes, I’m optimistic (but only when it comes to metal detecting). Why else would I dig this hole? I’m getting closer… It’s right there… I prefer to use a knife at this stage… I can see the edge of “something”. It’s that deep. Let’s see… I still have time. (I couldn’t see this) I have no idea what this is. Oh no… It’s just a big, old hammer. This reminds me of one of my videos… I had to come back… I couldn’t sleep because of it. Maybe someone placed it on top of a jar full with coins? No, that’s it. I placed the hammer back. My backpack is heavy enough. I have other marked spots. Maybe some day it wont be iron… Now (after Deus has seen the hammer) the signal is bad… Cheater. Time is up, I have to catch the next train. I will show you pictures in a few seconds. “1 Pfennig” (1991). “1 Pfennig” (1984). “1 Pfennig” (1950). A button, that’s right. Ring from a tiny bird. Button with two personalities… “10 Reichspfennig” coin. 1940. “10 Reichspfennig” coin. 1940. “10 Reichspfennig” coin? Probably from the 1920’s. The button spill… #2 #3 – the small version. #4 And the last one. The tiny pendant. “Something”, made of lead. WWI, French artillery? Small buckle plate? Please help me to ID it. It looks like a tooth, could also be just a stone… Trash… And treasure… Detecting time: 3h:20min

Reader Comments

  1. La plaque avec la grenade enflammée, à certainement appartenu à un soldat français de la première guerre mondiale

  2. Ive been doing a lot of detecting recently and havnt found much, where do you go detecting, do you get permission from people to go to their property, or do you go off the road

  3. Salve! Evtl. koppelschloss napoleon infanterie/kanonier? Gibt auch Knöpfe mit der Bombe drauf. ?!

    Vermutlich war Louis de Funès in dem Gebiet unterwegs… 😉 Gute Besserung weiterhin! Viele Grüße!! 🍻

  4. Thank you for another good hunt. You and the General must have a lot of back footage. Maybe Thor lost his hammer. Hope your leg is recovering and you have recieved the correct care by now. As always looking forward to your next post.

  5. Hope the surgeon will mention the vacuum treatment used for diabetic ulcers and hypervarick! I know I spelled that wrong.
    What is vacuum-assisted closure of a wound?

    Vacuum-assisted closure of a wound is a type of therapy to help wounds heal. It’s also known as wound VAC. During the treatment, a device decreases air pressure on the wound. This can help the wound heal more quickly.
    The gases in the air around us put pressure on the surface of our bodies. A wound vacuum device removes this pressure over the area of the wound. This can help a wound heal in several ways. It can gently pull fluid from the wound over time. This can reduce swelling, and may help clean the wound and remove bacteria. A wound VAC also helps pull the edges of the wound together. And it may stimulate the growth of new tissue that helps the wound close.

  6. Always an adventure. That's why when your video notice pops up on my email, it gets immediate attention!! Did the ER doctor not get all the impalement out of your leg?? Get well soon, the adventures will continue when you are darn good and ready!!!

  7. Sorry it was a hammer 🙁 Someday you’ll hit that pot of gold 😃 Still a nice hunt with some wicked brush! 👍👍👍

  8. Yes, we enjoy the videos, but more importantly we enjoy YOU.  You are most important right now!  I would kind of like to have you around for a while longer.  I think I am a better detector because of your videos.  I know I joke and play, but that is my way of showing I care.

  9. It seems possible the antibiotic for the tonsillitis helped with the cellulitis from the embedded metal. hopefully that may get you time to find a good doctor. I can empathize about the bothersome ticks and mosquitoes.

  10. Ok, the buckle is an Ordinance symbol.  The French one has the flames blowing to the right.  The British and American have the flames straight up.  But I don't think the Americans wore that kind of buckle.  So may be British.  I'm just scratching and itching and feeling like the things are on me… ewwww. Let some other person dig that deep hole and find a HAMMER!  You had to know.  I could have been a safe.  But now you and the General and the assistants can sleep at night.

  11. Good to hear you are recovering! One question about your actual settings. I tried yours which was based on a former firmware version and like it very much. What do you run now (guessing you have the latest firmware update). Thank you!

  12. Blimey. A prehistoric insect! He was a beautiful shade of blue. Some great finds but that last dig was beyond words. I bet you swore bug time. Lol x

  13. Hi md24 i hope you'll get better soon. The buckle is french no doubt about it. French army did use this symbol from 1871 to 1914 and during WWI. We also find a lot of buttons with it in France that we use to call '' boutons à la grenade'' .

    Hope it helps

  15. I don't know where you were but I think it would have been great if you had a small piglet to help because it was muddy that day 😂😄

  16. Congratulations on your discoveries. Coins, buttons, bird tags and hammer head (not Bronze Age?) or mid evil. A whole lot of work and targets 🤙. Best of luck on your next exploration.

  17. Hi how is your leg doing, mine is ok for now. ✋🏻📽️🤠🐎🏖️⚾🏈🐈👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻💝💙♥️💜

  18. I am amazed that you don't ring the surgeon's secretary and make an appointment / why wait. The sooner you deal with this the sooner sorted. If he is well regarded he may be booked up / you need to get on with it!!!!!

  19. Junge das waren viele Zecken, wie hältst du dir die bloß vom Leib, du nimmst da doch bestimmt 10 Stück mit nach Hause? Ich dachte erst warum nimmst du den Spaten bis ich sah das du die 1800 Silbermünzen bergen wolltest. Die Dartspitze zu sichern war keine schlechte Idee, du stürzt ja gerne spontan. Der "Homerun" mit dem Stück Koks war sportlich. Die Schnalle oder die Auflage war hübsch. Die Kette war echt spannend. Die Pflanze an der du kurz innehielst hat sicher auch dich an Hampf erinnert. Und dann das tiefe Loch der General mit dabei, klasse. Wie der Hammer so tief kommt wäre interessant. Das du den Stein vom Ring unbedingt finden wolltest finde ich klasse. Das zeigt das du wirklich zumindest beim sondeln Optimist bist wie du sagst 😊 ich freu mich schon jetzt aufs nächste…

  20. Well I hope you are healing and those assistance better not be slacking…. Strangest find on Sunday been too hot outside and throwing coins all over the carpet to find just isn't the same. There is a Frisbee golf course near by me that has one of the early settlers home on it from the 1800's, its not Africa hot right now so give it a try, the two ceder trees had a huge base well over a few hundred years. blasting signal right away get about 16 – 18 inches down and see the top of a mason jar roots have grow over it, it didn't break as i pulled it out of the tight ground, no coins or gold just a mass of blood red and black with white and what looks like a heart. I called 911 met the officer on the other side of the parking we are walking there hes telling me they get these kind of call someone finds some bones. I said this isn't bones. he was stumped as to what it is animal or human heart why would someone do this… he asked a bunch of questions, more cops with their own detectors, we were dis missed i got one picture of it

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