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Mess Tins Tip

Mess Tins Tip

there we go quick tip of the day the machines anyone that uses these machines knows that this major problem with them they get hot you get burnt was a quick simple solution if you take this out of here hey usually one of these regardless of what et messing you as well you use the original heat shield or use a Hobo stove mess stove or whatever with that set on top this yes hot very hot well there is a solution to that stop you burning your fingers pick that up like so take this a stick slide you kill there you can then pick it up use the stick to tell people no bare fingers take the stick out there we're using the top path again undal stuck out flames going around the anvil this gets off bring on the stick slides in you a nice wooden handle to pick up that doesn't yell the anvil shaped is such a manner but look at the end of it there it's got a double taper on the bottom taper goes around the edge top money's 45 degrees when he's in there when teaching tight you want to take it out tilt it up you push it against a cop lifts out so quick what better stick yourself the bottom is flat top curved to fit each other side the two loops and the angle those two looks you can see there the slide you seen again there you go with iced underlay extension on you can use that top lid in an open fire making shoes on top of your pre-made windshield the other end is slotted is flat enough with the notching so it fits it's nice to look on the side the best in all your top line that you can then use this to pour the arms are perfectly safe now we go on to the German version the German version this is the West German the West German version has a loop up there and another loop in the end all these so you can stick what you like so to all the old thing together looks like the Swedish version if we take that off we can also use the stick and this one the loops on the bottom tip it stick this one slightly reshaped flat on the top edge tape along the bottom slight recess there for the finger slide that into there push it in tight fun later again no birthing is easy stuff take a little closer look at that / across the bottom sly finger notch other self look we sticking on top of it though still jumps a good wall hey guys casual again

Reader Comments

  1. that is actually not swiss ,, it is original swedish army mess tin with trangia spirit stove, the second notch on the wire handle is to be used together with the hook -hooked to the pin on the tin 😉 so u don't need the stick , only for the frying pan mate,, best regards from Sweden!

  2. Very cool i have the east german kit  and have used wood for the fry pan part. Thanks for the sub by the way and hope you enjoy my channel.

  3. great idea, i like to use the lid as a cup an alwas have to wear gloves .which is a pain..thanks all the best kenny

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