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hey welcome back to another video just wanted to show you guys something really neat I got this from a friend his name is Lincoln he lives in Australia and this is an Australian mess kit I've never seen one before so just want to share with you guys and yeah we'll just have a closer look at it here's the cup used to be from 2000 I believe that arrow means government or military properties this cup was basically like the American us GI Cup except this one was made in Australia again this was made in Australia from 1991 get one cooking pan one larger one one slightly smaller that very simple can boil stuff in it or cook anything on this likely it's gonna stick it's all aluminum you can probably use the bigger one as a lid that works yeah I'll try to include this in one of the videos probably one of the Australian rations so I just thought I'd share with you guys that's far this is my favorite mess kit so thanks a lot link really appreciate it but yeah hope you guys enjoyed the video see you soon you

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  1. Great examples, congratulations. These are not easy to come by, let alone in that condition & even Downunder. I have same dated 2004 (mess kit) & 2005 (cup). Cheers, W.S. Outback Australia.

  2. Hey Stickyfingaz, nice video. I am in the Australian military. Along with this gear, we are also issued our Australian copy of the Esbit folding stove which neatly fits two packets of Hexamine tablets. The stove will fit inside the mess kit halves if you want to store it there, but I wouldn't want that gunk inside my eating utensils. Look forward to seeing more of your content. Best wishes.

  3. Great looking set up Amigo.Β  I saw the pan halves, skillets, used in Dak ham review. They performed well! Forgot to pick on the unsteady stove in that one, so will mention now, LOL !Β  I really do love this set up on mess kit!Β  Laid out quite well, with plenty of surface area to cook food. Keep up the great work, Hello to Better half, Peace, [email protected]@@

  4. Beaut looking Mess Kit mate, all you've gotta do now is to crank up the esbit, throw in a few shrimps and bobs your uncle… Big LikeπŸ‘

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