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Megatron “I Want My Crew” Scene | Transformers The Last Knight (2017) Movie Clip

Megatron “I Want My Crew” Scene | Transformers The Last Knight (2017) Movie Clip

We call it the Tank. He likes it down here. This is where I deal
with the dark shit. Decepticons seem just as interested
in these structures as we are. Pred snapped this in Siberia. He’s been seen at all six horn
locations around the world. ID confirmed. Megatron. And get this. He made
contact with TRF. Snatched up two CIA case officers.
Said he wants to negotiate. With him? What the
hell does he want? Certain alien associates
of his released. Scheduled contact is
lD’d and cleared. Confirmation.
Hostages are clear. The Department of
Justice has okayed it so long as the US military
watches his every move. You’re gonna be on point,
because he is not our friend. You know who they
always kill first? Lawyers. We’ve made deals with the devil
before during times of crisis. If we ‘re gonna get through this,
we have got to open the door and let the monsters inside. There is a weapon out there
of unimaginable power. A threat to our very existence. And Megatron can lead us to it. Do I know you, human? – I want my crew!
– Give me names! – Mohawk.
– Mohawk? What up, fellas? Man, lwant
to kill you right now. But l’ma kill you later. Definitely gonna kill
y’all mofos later. – He’s cleared!
– All right. Dreadbot. Dreadbot. In for bank robbery. Aggravated assault. Murder. Double murder. Triple murder.
Nine dead. Didn’t even take the money. No. We’re not letting him out, no. What? I mean, but we can be flexible. If he wears a GPS
tracker, it’s fine. Okay. Okay. Nitro Zeus. Baby, free at last! Thank Megatron,
I’m free at last! Thank you. Gonna miss you, Tim. Thank you for your
hospitality, Brad. I know where you live, Enrique. Say hello to your wife for me. But the government requests that
he does not leave the county. – And we’re serious about that.
– Okay. Okay. And last but not
least, Berserker. I’ll suck your brains! – Absolutely not.
– Yeah. No. No. No. There are limits.
Pick again. Onslaught. You need a bigger door! Let me run that up the
flag pole real quick. I just got to call someone. Great, thank you. Yes. Yes! Go. Go. What do you really
want, Megatron? What anyone wants, human. To go home. Yeah, that’d be all
right with me, too. Megatron, he’s after
something Yeager has. Something they need to
help find this weapon. We’re gonna let those
Decepticons do our dirty work. On my go, they’ll be given
Yeager’s hideout coordinates. You track Megatron every step. Take the weapon. And then I’m taking his ass out.

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  1. Megatron negociated to get these weak idiots ? He just wasted his time there. Since they got killed in seconds besides nitro zeus.

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