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Meet the All-Women Group Protecting Zimbabwe’s Animals from Poachers – The Jim Jefferies Show

Meet the All-Women Group Protecting Zimbabwe’s Animals from Poachers – The Jim Jefferies Show

is indescribably beautiful. It has waterfalls, mountains,
big open plai-, well, you can’t describe it. It’s home to the world’s
most majestic animals, and (beep)
wits who hunt them. Illegal animal poaching violates
all sorts of international laws and it’s driving elephants
and rhinos towards extinction. Thousands are killed every year
for their horns and tusks. So I’ve come to this
remote part of Africa, to meet the people fighting
to save these animals. Damien Mander is
an ex-Australian Commando and the founder
of the International Anti-Poaching
Foundation. Poaching is illegally coming in and taking an animal
or killing an animal. We’ve come across a rhino
and elephant that their face
is hacked off. What do they cut
the horn off with? They’ll carry and ax. Just an ax? Being targeted by Asian
syndicates for their horn and their tusk. What do the Asians
likely the horns? They use in
traditional medicine. Right. Some people say
it’s an aphrodisiac, it will make
your snorkel bit bigger. But it hasn’t been working
if the rumors are true? What’s your background? I was with the army,
special operations. I was a sniper there.
Did 12 tours in Iraq. 12 seems like a lot. Yeah. Special Forces do loads of tours
in the Middle East. Then after years of combat, they’re told to just
switch it off. There’s not too many jobs for
a sniper in the local newspaper when you get back home.
Ended up just, you know, face down in a bloody pot
of coke and a bottle of tequila
in South America for three years-
[crosstalk 00:01:32] Things worked out pretty good? Yeah. No mate,
sort of hit rock bottom. And this is where some very
large emotional support animals come in. I found a camel
helps me cope day to day, but wild animals changed Damien’s life, and now he’s
using his military expertise to protect animals
in Zimbabwe and beyond. But what sets Damian apart
is the way he recruits rangers. We shifted our operations
about two years ago and started employing
exclusively women from the local community. It’s a big shift
in mindset for me, I come from the ultimate boys
club special operations. Right. We not only prided ourselves
on being all male, we ridiculed other units that
transitioned to accept them. I hear that. I sat down would two rangers
from Damien’s crew. What do you think
makes a good ranger? Woman have got a motherly heart. It’s caring? Yeah.
Yeah. For many of these women,
being a ranger is the first
paying job they’ve ever had. And to the surprise
of absolutely no one, local men were not
too happy for them, because just like late night
TV hosts, field ranger is a job that almost always
goes to a man. Have you felt pushed back
from your community? Men.
Right. They would just say,
you cannot do this job, this is just a matter
of wasting time. You had any pushback? Oh yeah, we have. There’s something
refreshing about just not giving a (beep)
what other people think. Yeah, it’s the best. I don’t care, is the strongest
sentence in the human language. You got to (beep)
mean it though. You got to mean it.

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  1. I knew this happens and it always upsets me. But to see the photos just prove 100% poachers have no redeeming qualities to make up for this. Someone should chop of their face and see how shit like

  2. So now Comedy Central is into documentary about sensitive subject as illegal activities as Poaching with a little bit of 🐂💩 humor let's see where's this go 👌

  3. Jokes aside. There are only 2 surviving Northern White Rhinoceros left. Both female. Figure out the rest yourself. Have a good day.

  4. Good for these ladies . As far as comedy central covering this as a joke just goes to show how far they've fallen. Not funny not a good idea for comedy central to do this. Hopefully this host gets run over by a rhino

  5. Hundreds of species go extinct everyday. Who gives a fuck? What kind of drugs do you think Jim is using, that turned him into a social justice warrior? You gotta get off that shit, mate. You are losing fans.

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