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Medal of Honor: Arthur Jackson (A Moment of Valor)

Medal of Honor: Arthur Jackson (A Moment of Valor)

NARRATOR: On September 15,
1944, Private First Class Arthur Jackson landed on
the sweltering hot beaches of Peleliu Island, in the South Pacific. When I hit the beach, we landed in about seven foot of water. I looked down at that
beach in both directions, and it was on fire. We had the objective of
clearing out the Southern end of the island. And the second day
we were held up stone cold. When I got up to this bunker
and they had a couple of guards outside the bunker. I could hear them jabbering
in there, and so my squad leader came forward with a pack
just chuck full of composition C2 plastic explosives. I just set that thing on fire and then I took off running. NARRATOR: Jackson rose from his
cover and headed toward the next enemy position. Working his way down the
peninsula, Jackson launched a single man assault
that claimed 50 enemy lives. And determined the successful
outcome of the operation. [Explosions] I passed out practically;
I fell flat on my back. And when the troops
came up — honest to God — I felt like I was a ball player and just made the winning touchdown. They picked me up, pulled me to my feet, slapping me on the back and shaking me. “Jackson you did it, you did it.” There were 14 in the group all together. President Truman presented
it, and he told us all he’d rather have the Medal
of Honor, than be President of the United States. NARRATOR: For more stories
like this, go to

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