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standby oh here we go let's see it's freaking cold out here it's like 31 degrees good and cold for this time of year anyway it's already below freezing what we've got to succeed in doing is we gotta get that hooked to that generator to get ahead to Kentucky tomorrow which means I got to move the Ford move the truck and the whole nine yards and chains hey hitch up something it's designed to hitch to a Deuce and a half to something that's a whole heck of a lot lower oh yeah anyway I make even some cold starts but hey they ain't gonna be in this video let's go show you hooking up a generator in this video hey boys girls this is me hitching up this generator notice how high that panel hook is oh yeah knows how high it is come over here and get the truck now and I'm going to show you how in the world you get just thing up yep so I wouldn't go nowhere if I have the PALS Wilson crook in just second well we still gonna hook up some chains one not that it appears that I've toted the keys to my chains indoors so are you find them I'll show you once they get safety chains and stuff hooked up well let you see once I'd found my keys good thing I realized those were missing before I took off and drove to see those where wasn't it the truck I'm just guilty and walked up one those put my key gege keys here second I remember kind of weird least because the safety chains don't reach nothing in that state so what I have to do we'll go through here what I've been doing is putting those three hooking them if you can see that a hope and then the safety chain I've been using a piece of copper wire to tie the so it can't I've been using the thesis fix that's capillary tube refrigeration but what I've been doing is I go take it and go yeah through through the chain like that and around the grab hook no finger through the chain like that thing what was I doing this I went through the chain here and then through the chain man that's what it is straighten this back out and start over but anyway what I'm basically essentially doing is is I'm tying the the blaster death grab hook to the chain so it can't can't come off can't vibrate loose it's not going to hold any weight it now seems like I remember how at the end that I'm around it that's went around the blasted that's what I went around it here he's twisting it back to its if that's what at the end that way it can't come undone back where the chain can come if I break loose it just holds it it's not gonna hold any weight but it'll hold the chain seems to me like I may have went through the chain – don't like that I mean I've used supplies for this in the past which I guess I could zip ties are a bit wasteful for what I'm trying to achieve all I'm trying to achieve is create safety for my chain to keep it from coming untied I believe that is what Auto wrecker had done and passed on this thing to hold them I think yes that's what I did I just put a safety chain through there and through there holding the safety chain on but anyway that's uh I don't know if you could see me doing any of that being you got the gist of it let me show you what I did after I fall with it for half an hour I put a piece of copper through here so that you know it can it can come undone yes but what I'm worried about is it bouncing up like that coming undone it should never come undone but just a little safety ah me put a zip tie around the bird where I may put a zip tie around the damn thing to just to keep it from coming undone because it's you know and somebody don't say with you to put it up it would have held better yeah I probably would it would have I realized that when I went to tie it I'll probably change it anyway I'll show you some more in a minute I'll figure this out I'm going a long damn ways I just want to make sure it don't come off yep okay I've got this side hooked up here's here's what I come up with that's so much better it cannot physically follow loose and like I said it's not hold it hold any weight that just keep vibration causing it to come off somewhat drag my chain or take a chance killing somebody if safety chains fall off the turn thing and them need them so anyway that's the deal with that let's get the other side on call this good and then far slots I'm probably gonna run a light bar the hole blasted way because there is a power cord here yeah I don't have anything to fit that there's a small one here to a 6-pole somewhere right here but my six pole is right under here st. freaking long enough it won't reach so I don't have an option for lights there's corn running a lot bar the whole way which pretty much legal I've got some total I don't know huh no if they even work anymore don't really have to use them here as long as you're in the light bar you don't have to have two lights in this state they'd like for you to but you really don't have to so I've never really fooled with them so anyway let's get this other safety hooked up and we'll see what we can do okay we got two safety chains on it we've got the the other crap throw it up here in nestled out of the way etc except likes other safety chains I think I want to bring it across do something else with it anyway I'm gonna pedal with them but anyway we've got safety chains on the truck we've got a hitch stuff all they do is worry about lights let's get some lights on this plastic thing and as you can tell I try remember to have a tie of these spent a long time we used to do this crap tie chains like that but your throughout Lincoln through that Lincoln little thing you're doing is capturing that grab I grab can't come off and like I said I don't think it would have under the weight of the chain but it has no tension on it and unless there's tension pulled on it so you know better safe than sorry right

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  1. I would like to officially thank you for wasting my time watching something that is to me so obvious, I ask? why did you thuno this video would be so life changing. nice jazz hands with the gloves twinkle toes

  2. How's it going? Question for you. When are more videos coming out? I have enjoyed watching all the videos you have made and am looking forward for more to be made.

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