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hi folks this is et prepper we're looking at an article right now on yahoo news mainstream news and as how do you like this for headline as wars wind down small town cops inherit armored vehicles last I checked wars were not winding down it's just the opposite well anyway the military is unloading armored vehicles on police departments Pentagon has here's a map right here and it shows who got what what states got what and how many vehicles let's see now an em AARP is a Mine Resistant explosion resistant vehicle it's just super heavy-duty armored vehicle it weighs 45,000 pounds and the article was about a councilman in Washington Iowa he didn't want the thing everybody else wanted it all the police department it has 12 officers and then they're getting this monster machine and I'll show you a picture of it right now oh there's a short for Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle there it is from the Defense Department Washington is one of hundreds of towns and cities to get a recycled em are AP from the Pentagon over the last year and a half I understand that they've got all this equipment out there either they scrapped it or bring it home and keep it in the military not not for civilian use not for our police departments they don't need that unless of course there's a bigger plan going on that's my concern folks is you read something like this and it's a it it's feel good propaganda as wars like wind down give me a break so as we get closer and closer to a police state or martial law they're going to have that equipment in place and ready to pin us down for whatever they need for whatever they see fit so folks I just wanted to bring this to your attention just give you something to think about and more encouragement to be ready and be prepared for an emergency situation which would most likely include martial law

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  1. Half these states have declared sovereignty and are getting these to fight for the people and not the government. A lot of police dept, including state police, have said they will not comply with unconstitutional commands. My local police dept. just got one.

  2. They have zero chance of enforcing mass martial law with only one or two armored vehicles per town.   It takes battalions to hold a city, and the biggest city departments getting these are only getting three or four.   They would barely be able to hold city hall against a motivated revolution.

  3. I think it is better than scrapping those vehicles and it is cool to put a few in circulation in a local community.   I mean, lets face it, if SHTF, we will be ending up with a few.   The other DOD stuff they give to Law Enforcement agencies also tends to end up on the market too.   Too bad they scrapped most of the M151 Jeeps and most Humvees are either thrashed or scrapped.

  4. I'll take one…..I can plant my garden in it…..gas mileage is an issue so It could just be for decoration…you know around the house….it would look lovely

  5. Many of those vehicles will be taken away from the local cops within the first 24-48 hours of SHTF! I wonder what kind of mileage they get? TNX for the video!

  6. It was bad enough giving them Bearcats but these MRAPs are way over the top. They are so huge they require a higher clearance than most parking garages and even their own home base garage. In addition, the maintenance cost is quite hefty. Now, exactly what are our police using these for? Well if we don't have a civil war my guess is a bunch of yahoos will use them to go deer hunting. 

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