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Marmot Plasma 30 Degree Sleeping Bag

Marmot Plasma 30 Degree Sleeping Bag

Utilizing high quality premium materials,
the Marmot Plasma 30 Degree Sleeping Bag is a great option for ounce counting backpackers
who are looking for something that is very high quality that is going to hold up in different
types of conditions, something that is going to pack down to be very small, lightweight,
but offer all of the warmth that they need in that temperature rating. The first thing to talk about with any sleeping
bag is the insulation and how it keeps you warm. So Marmot is using premium 875 plus
fill power down. It is Marmot’s down de-fender as well. So the important thing to know about
down defender is those plumes of down are coated with a water resistant coating that
is going to hold up to moisture a lot longer. So in damp or humid conditions while traditional
down may take on that moisture and really lose its thermal efficiency, the down that
is used to insulate this sleeping bag is going to keep you warm. It is going to hold its
loft. It is going to hold that thermal effi-ciency and it is going to dry out faster than traditional
down if it becomes wet. So with all of those different features down defender is going
to ultimately keep you warmer in those wet conditions. So very high quality there. Obviously with that 875 fill down it is going
to pack down to be very small, but it is also going to be very lofty once you loft it up.
And my first impression of the Plasma sleeping bags is just that they are very lightweight,
but they are so lofty and they are so warm for their weight. Marmot is using really interesting baffles
here. So you have got baffles that run the length of the sleeping bag rather than horizontal
baffles. And what is so great and what is so interesting about that is it takes the
heat from your core and it kind of transfers that up and down the baffles. So you have
really even heat. It saves weight as well so you don’t have all those baffles that
are going along horizontally on the sleeping bag. You have those long baffles. And then
within those baffles there are flow gates. So it is going to prevent unwanted shifting
of down on those long baffles. The down is going to stay ex-actly where it needs to be
and it is just a really great design, really innovative and it is go-ing to provide just
that even heat that we talked about. The material here on top is also premium material.
It is pertex quantum 10 denier fabric. It is nylon rip stop. So with that rip stop you
have durability. But it is ultra, ultra light fab-ric. So just in keeping with those high
quality materials, it is going to pack down to be small. It is very lightweight. And you
do have a traditional mummy style sleeping bag here. So you have a hood at the top. The hood is
extremely well baffled. The hood here re-minds me of a hood on a big down puffy jacket. It
fits really nicely around your head. And if you are getting close to that temperature
rating and you need to batten everything down, it is going to hold in your heat and especially
around your head it is going to keep you really nice and warm. So a really great hood there. Feely draw cords, so you have a different
size draw cord that goes around the top and around the bottom. So at night you can feel
which draw cord you want to tension if it is the top or the bottom. You can pull both
of them as well. And, you know, there is a nice little collar here underneath of that
hood. So you have adjustability in that collar as well, a nice little baffle here that fits
really nicely, you know, right under your neck. So you are not going to lose heat through
that area. So if you want to, you can just cinch that down on its own as well. It makes
it really comfortable and those materials on the inside of the sleeping bag are very
soft against the skin. You have got a full length zipper here and
behind the zipper a really nice draft tube. There is a more durable material stitched
behind that zipper so unlike this lightweight ma-terial, if that gets snagged on the zipper
it is not going to damage the bag, so a really good design there. And then at the bottom
of the zipper you do have the ability to vent from the bottom. So it is a two way zipper.
That just allows some more versatility. So on those warmer nights you can really just
vent from the bottom and get a leg out if you need to. Marmot uses EN or European norm ratings for
their sleeping bags. And the temperature rating here, this is considered a 30 degree sleeping
bag, but the actual lower limit rating for this bag is 32 degrees Fahrenheit. The comfort
rating or the temperature where you are going to feel most comfortable in this bag is actually
closer to 42 degrees. So certainly take that into consideration before taking it into the
backcountry. And along with that comfort feeling there is… there are different sizes in this
sleeping bag. So be sure to check the size chart to make sure you are ordering the size
that is most comfortable for you. And just some last quick features here. It
does come with a stuff sack. The stuff sack is very lightweight. You can see the pack
size here. It packs down to be very small. So those ounce counting backpackers who don’t
want to skimp on any features, this is going to be a great option. It packs down to be
very small with that down fill. It doesn’t take up a lot of space in your backpack when
you are backpacking with it. It would be a great option for traveling as well if you
just have a small pack size and you need to compress everything down. When you are storing the bag at home, be sure
to use the larger storage sack that it comes with. It is a mesh sack so it has got a lot
of air flow. And you don’t want to store it in a compressed state for a long period
of time. So when you are traveling with it you can def-initely use the smaller stuff
sack. But when you are storing it at home, make it really lofty and keep it in that bigger
storage sack. With all of the very high quality materials,
the innovations like these long baffles and the nice hood, you have a nice foot box down
at the bottom as well. So this is just a really comfortable option for those ounce counting
backpackers. It is the Marmot Plasma 30 Degree Sleeping

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