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Marine Corps Platoon Leaders Class

Marine Corps Platoon Leaders Class

Platoon Leaders Class is a six-week pre-commissioning program. We take college students after generally their
freshman or sophomore year, bring them down to Officer Candidates School for six weeks
and it’s a chance to screen and evaluate their leadership potential. [Crew]:
They only run PLC classes in the summertime ’cause we don’t wanna interfere at all with
their college education because the faster they become a college graduate, the faster
they can become a Marine Officer. [Tweed]:
Pretty much while you’re outside of OCS, you’re on your regular program. Whatever else you do in your normal life-you
got your part-time job, you’re goin’ to school-that’s what you’re doing during the PLC program. They will come back either the following summer or two summers later to do PLC Seniors which
is another six-week program where we basically do the finishing touches on that screening
and evaluating to ensure that the candidates are prepared for commissioning and services
accompanying a great officer. [McMillon]:
We are responsible to see them through commissioning. Most of these candidates, they don’t go straight
to The Basic School; they actually return to the college campuses. They have to stay full-time, at least 12 hours
a semester. They have to maintain at least a 2.0 and they
have to stay in physical condition. So, we just make sure they’re doing what they
need to do to stay eligible in the program and we do that all the way until they get
commissioned. Now coming back, my dedication and my focus and my determination to excel is a lot better. I came in with a 2.0 and since I’ve been back
I’ve been on the Dean’s List every semester since I’ve been back in school. I’ve noticed a huge difference between myself right now and my peers back at Northern Michigan
University. When I talk to them on the phone, I’m already
becoming a lot more professional and a lot more mature than I was even just six weeks
ago. I’m learning a lot more about myself here. I’ve learned more about myself in the past
six weeks than I have almost my entire life. I’ve been challenged so much here and learned
that there’s a lot more that I can do that I just didn’t know I could do because I didn’t
push myself hard enough.

Reader Comments

  1. @poolie626 VERY, earn at least a first class PFT, high GPA, and lots of extracurriculars, especially leadership positions in those. work, volunteer, etc. be well rounded as a rule

  2. @SamMullerLA hey i'm a senior in highschool. these mislead dep kids enlisted into the 6×2 reserves convinced by the recruiter that the only way to go into Platoon Leaders Class is to be enlisted while attending college. Should I tell them they've been mislead by the recruiter? They're convinced that by senior year of college they will be 2nd lieutenants(I don't understand how they believe this considering it's an 8 year total contract they signed as enlisted men…wtf).

  3. If I choose the PLC route to becoming a Marine Officer will the Corps pay for my tuition? Becoming a Marine Officer is one of my huge dreams but college is also expensive. will the Corps pay for my tuition while I attend PLC?

  4. i am in high school but i want to apply for platoon leaders class when i get in college, i read that the marines dont always choose the mos you want. i want infantry its the one with most slots and the most popular one, i want to lead enlisted marines in combat. so is there any thing i can do to increase my chances on being selected for the mos i want which is infantry? thankssss!

  5. Can you be eligible for the program if you currently have 1.6 gpa in a STEM (chemistry)major? How physically fit from the start do you need to be? Is height ever an issue? If you have dual citizenship, would that be an issue?

  6. What if I want to do this for resume experience but I do NOT want to join the military post-training?

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