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Marine Corps Leadership Traits: Integrity

Marine Corps Leadership Traits: Integrity

Argyro: Integrity is doing the right thing
when no one is looking, being able to follow through. Counselman: That sense of doing what’s right
is something that the Marine Corps instills in you from the very first moment. White: Recruits look up to drill instructors
on a daily basis. If we’re setting the example by having integrity,
they’re going to follow suit. Fowler: He’s always had high integrity, but
I think the Marine Corps, again, was able to build upon that, because it is part of
the Marine Corps culture. Booker: I teach these recruits how to be better
sons, better brothers, better uncles, just better people in general. Smit: He is a leader in the Marine Corps,
and he is a leader in our family 24/7, whether he’s in uniform or not. He shows integrity every day in everything
that he does. Argyro: We’re role models. When we do the right thing over there, the
civilian populace sees it, and they know that we’re there to help and not to hurt. Paulsen: It’s just going to make them a better
Marine, better leader, and just a better overall person.

Reader Comments

  1. Absolutely, doing whats right, especially when no one is around… My Senior Drill Instructor William Bodette (you may have seen him on the History Channel several times) told us the day we were leaving the island… When you leave this island and long after you need to always act with integrity, as if I'm gonna come outta no where at any time and JACK YOU UP! …………. HAHAHA! it stuck, and I did

  2. GySgt Booker is one hell of a D.I. Once a upon a time he was also a part of the Silent Drill platoon would always tell us stories good shit gunny.

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