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Marine Corps Demonstrates New Autonomous Resupply System

Marine Corps Demonstrates New Autonomous Resupply System

autonomous I thought it was that these days almost everything is self operating in the military is no exception the Marine Corps hosted the final demonstration of a new type of aircraft technology that could be a game changer for resupplying combat units officials from the Aurora flight Sciences showed off the company's autonomous aerial cargo utility system otherwise known as AAC u.s. it's a special kit capable of being mounted on various airframes and designed to deliver combat supplies such as ammunition fuel food water and even blood AAC u.s. is capable of making decisions on its own with a suite of sensors computing real-time data from its environment to inform its decision it can navigate to a destination and GPS compromised areas and can even determine the best location to land in low visibility conditions during its debut AAC us flew supplies in the multiple Ford operating base settings and demonstrated how Marines on the ground could effectively stop or postpone the aircraft from landing in case of unforeseen emergency by simply pressing a button on a special tablet the training program for the AAC u.s. is meant for personnel without prior aviation experience and takes less than a day to complete well Marines let us know what you think of this new tech game-changer or do you feel better with an actual Marine flying in your splice let us know in the comments and be sure to subscribe to the radar res snapchat discover channel for videos you won't see anywhere else I'm ABI Casey

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  1. On another video I requested you send your hat to me but now that Patagonia is suing trump I suggest you throw it out! I’ll be doing that with my Patagonia stuff never will I buy them again

  2. Looks so amazing and strong the capabilities of just super..great video too..thank you so much

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