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Marine Corps Boot Camp – Drill Instructors From Hell

Marine Corps Boot Camp – Drill Instructors From Hell

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  1. Jeez…….those drill instructors must have voice boxes made of steel. Imagine yelling and screaming day in and day out like that. I'd reckon there'd be a few hernias and popped gaskets from time to time.

  2. Screaming lika RETARD LUNATIC is the ONLY WAY to motivate. ..SADSHIT COMEDY. U cant beat ppl..WHY YELL? The shits funny. I cant take retarded behavior seriously. Kids do. This guy running around..HILARIOUS. mommy issues.

  3. Senior drill instructor ( I'll withhold the name ) platoon 3004,1975, MCRD San Diego. psycho SOB, but damn if he didn't make a Marine outta me. Thank you.

  4. The black guy can even speak anymore hahah shit funny as fuck I won't be able to be there because I would be laughing my ass all the time jajajaj

  5. This shit makes me laugh a lot the way this stupid ass trainers yelling at you and the talk like a bitch because of losing voice hahah

  6. I rathe would go to a Shaolin Tempel fore steel you’re body and mind. Jelling all the time is just stupid,

  7. Этих двух придурошных кнам в армейку на срочную, из очек бы не вылазил)))))

  8. LoL come to Serbia and fight with Bears that is preassure and then no sleep one day and run 20km then u can rest

  9. This isn't even bad smh I can't wait to ship everybody thinks this is so bad you just gotta not be dumb and be dumb at the same time

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