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Margaret Garcia & Her 1963 Chevrolet Impala – Lowrider Roll Models Ep. 5

Margaret Garcia & Her 1963 Chevrolet Impala – Lowrider Roll Models Ep. 5

lower rating has changed my life it keeps your family together unless you know your priorities because having a lowrider is all about your family about your friends about keeping things in order the Louisville low-riding came from my brother Peter I was about 13 years old and I used to hang around with a car club with my brother the techniques we would go out hang out with them did hall dances the backyard boogie quinceaneras and a lot of my friends liked it because my brother was in the car club and that just kind of stuck with me my name is Margaret Garcia and everybody knows me as little I have a 63 Impala and it's called California cruising it's Laurel green it has cross lace trims 13 inch the engine size is a 350 this is my first one right here I didn't go with the mural I tried to stay more traditional I wanted it to be soft so I had it pinstriped it's so cool because that's a part of you and that shows a little bit of your personality to me there's less floss on the carb on a woman's car they're more detailed we purchased it from our uncle he had it for 40 years I used to joke with him if he was ever gonna sell it that I wanted it it took two weeks to restore my car we did it in our garage they went back to the middle there was dance and Dean's as well as the bumpers had to be rechromed we had to remove all the parts label every bolt every screw and put all the parts back together the molding on the seats the the chrome the taillights the headlights everything you got to take off just to put the half-moons on him to put the everything back on and oh my gosh I know about my car the car club that I belong to is techniques our Club of Los Angeles I am originally from Baldwin Park I met my husband and we married now we live in Ventura County I have five children my youngest boy everybody knows him as abou his name is Lawrence Steven Garcia jr. he got his nickname boo from his brother Henry they used to watch cartoons a lot together and the cartoon was Yogi and boo boo yes turn off as boo boo and it's step with him as a boo he was three years old when we found out that he had cancer when they did the biopsy here they started giving him chemo pills and it took it away he never lost hair he didn't drop weight he ate normal ran around like a regular kid and he stayed in remission till he was 12 well when it came back aggressive is when they actually had to put him on chemo he lost his hair he dropped a lot of weight dropped a lot of weight and the amazing thing of the whole thing he never complained never complained about pain never complained about he was uncomfortable until the last two weeks by that time he just said mom I'm tired I'm real tired my son had a passion fertile writers Peter introduced me into low writing but Peter was also little Lawrence's you know and he used to go with the club all over the place to the different car shows he was a car fanatic the last car show he couldn't make it and he called his his new no Pete I can't go the doctor won't let me out of the hospital and my brother tells him don't worry about it mijo I'll take the car by I tell the doctor anything and it calls him back he said don't you said I could come downstairs so my brother gets there and he calls me he tells me he's there I take him downstairs to our surprise there was at least a good 70 cars no other cars could fit in the parking lot anymore even though he couldn't make it to this show the show came to him techniques car club brought the show to choc hospital it meant the world to him to know that how much people loved it my car club and let me know how much they're there for us how much of a family they are their thing was to make his day his day he had his last barbecue and he calls me and dad in the room dad I would have a barbecue gonna have a barbecue so keep me well I'll clear hands and your uncle's so no no no no don't don't call the family this is called car club call it techniques they show up Saturday all the guys are there he is so floored he is so happy and two days later he passes my husband has a 73 Caprice Classic convertible called booze dream that car was actually designed by boo when my brother was going to sell the vehicle he called my husband and he asked him if he wanted to purchase the car so we purchased the vehicle he says now that you purchased the vehicle now I'm gonna tell you the story behind the vehicle your son actually designed the car picked out the colors one of the pinstriping his desire was to have a convertible he didn't want a ordinary convertible top at the top is actually from our mercedes-benz the reason why the car is blue because that's his dad's favorite color the reason why the pinstriping is purple and pink because that's his mother's favorite color everything that got corporated on that car was actually designed by our son before he passed it meant so much to him it's like he left a part of him to us he's carried a large legacy and his legacy was painted forward every time he would go to the hospital any procedure anything that was done with to him they would give him a toy so whether they took his temperature he got a toy he had to get a shot he got a toy there was so much stuff in his room he has mom can I give him to my other friends whether it was at church or just even in the car he would see people off the street and he would hand him to him and he would give away his toys little Laurence was a giver he was never a taker he was always a giver always giving to everybody that was his thing was to pay it for just to give he just kept doing it and that's what we're doing now due to his legacy we opened up a foundation is called the boo foundation well we opened it up we did the same thing that he did pay it forward the blue foundation is a nonprofit organization we wanted to give back to the children to the families that don't have we do catering barbecues the foundation donates icicles through huffy toy drives for Christmas we asked the car club that we belong to technics and we asked him if you want to do this with us and they said sure so we opened up a carnival car show all the rides are for free all the games are for free you get on the rides as many times as you want you play the games whatever you want when whatever toy you want oh our kids are winners that's their day besides of the blue foundation we also have recovery homes we have a recovery home for the men the women and for the family my husband is overseer the men's home it also has the body shop and he takes the men from the home to teach them how to do the bonded work how to do the paint how to straighten the body they take it apart take the bumper off they repair it they fix it tear the cars down to nothing and build them back up we want to show people they can make it the way Lord Rayden has changed my life it keeps you on your toes it keeps your family together it keeps you busy it keeps you unless you know your priorities it's just very meaningful because it's a part of my life it was a part of my brother's life it was a part of my son's life to be a spokesperson for the car club for the booth foundation for everybody it's just it's more meaningful and it's more powerful it hits harder my name is Margot Garcia I'm the president of the booth foundation and I'm a low rider role model you

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  1. Best part of this video is not the cars.. but you brought a lil part of BOO into our lives! I could only imagine the Chariot he was picked up in by Gods Angels to take Boo to Heaven

  2. Port Hueneme! Being from Oxnard, I recognized that beach and pier in the first few seconds of the video. Great story, great cars!

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