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Marcin Patrzalek: Polish Guitarist MURDERS His Guitar! WOW! | America’s Got Talent 2019

Marcin Patrzalek: Polish Guitarist MURDERS His Guitar! WOW! | America’s Got Talent 2019

hello welcome welcome what’s your name my name is marcin how old are you I’m 18 I just turned a couple of miles ago bring funny so I actually come from Poland from a very small city but soon I’m gonna relocate here in the States because I got accepted to college yeah what are you gonna do for us today so I’m a guitarist as you can tell I don’t sing and why why America’s Got Talent first of all it’s like the best show on earth so so that’s the best reason that’s awesome we don’t want to hold you up we’re excited to see what you got thank you so much [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Marcin that wasn’t absolutely out of this world perform its great job Simon let’s start off with you amazing actually amazing I know how difficult it is because I had tried to learn the guitar when I was about your age I hated it so much it’s through a toffee at the guitar teach and he punched me in the face so 99% of the people who come onstage with the guitar can’t play the guitar you’ve just demonstrated what that thing was actually invented for so respect that was amazing there’s obviously a different kind of artistic passion that you have and I can’t wait to see what you do in the future it was stunning absolutely stunning yes thank you so much he didn’t play the guitar you murdered the guitar I think you’re gonna end up in college teaching them something rather than they teach you appreciate I think you just taught the world something well let’s take it to a vote I’d like to start it off with a hell yeah yeah absolutely a million percent yes [Applause] yes thank you [Applause]

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  2. Архиповский лучший! И он вытворяет гораздо сложнее и на трёх струнах!

  3. there should be a show where average people judge celebrities….
    wanna bet most celebrities are ONE HIT WONDERS

  4. Wow, if he is this good with a regular guitar, wonder what he can do on an electric guitar. He is amazing. And it strikes me, I don’t think he only plays the regular guitar.

  5. He go on GBT coz a few years ago when all word upload talent from all country, Polish got talent was banned on YT coz polish shity TVN TV bay rights and not wont upload nothing on YT… Now that changed but still is so shity… Polish tv is crap… Nothing to watch… only commercial all dey long…
    That Marcin was KURWA very good. Każdy wie o co chodzi. 🙂 Cheers from Poland Guys…

  6. Неожиданно… Даже смело, наверное… Да дай тебе Бог!

  7. What in the name of God did I just hear???? This guy is beyond words!!!!! God bless him…it's Asif him and the guitar had merged into one single out of the world entity!!!!

  8. This man, has very awesome talent. But not much brains apparently, if you gonna start your game at such a high level, how u gonna go further? U gonna need to learn way harder tunes!! I mean he could've started with one of Andy McKee's songs… like Rylynn perhaps

  9. 2:40 seems weird to me like it doesn't match. But I think the game development just need to hire him only for any music in any game

  10. Sure the kid with the guitar did a good job, but are we all going to overlook how Simon got punched in the face by his guitar teacher?

  11. ну если бы баба в розововом была меньше обьъебана она бы возможно смогла бы еще что то сказать а не только вопить когда видит что чувак зажал Am

  12. Hell!! @GuitarGuyz!! Was that really possible!!?? Absolutely amazingly nauseatingly beautiful @Marcin!! Whhhoooaaa!!!

  13. I liked the way Simon changed his posture from casual to upright, concentrated look as soon as Marcin started murdering guitar, Hope Marcin wins

  14. No golden buzzer because judges, and everybody else want to watch him 🙂
    No sad story in the background because all other participants will quit 🙂
    Just a pure talent! Go Marcin!

  15. He is, in fact, great with the guitar. But he wanted to do so much, most of it just ended up sounding like a complex amalgamation of guitar noises, tbh

  16. When he will perform????I check every day on youtube..He's a miracle!!! I've never seen anything like this…so beautiful

  17. Tell me why this guy doesn't get the golden buzzer and while other people who has some social issues just like everyone else
    Get to have it

    This guy has real talent
    Others are just decent

    It's not America Got Pity
    It's fucking America Got Talent

    Wasteful art

    Bye im gonna go tell the judge i have depression

    You Americans really are weird
    In S. Korea
    We hate fake people more than narcissist talented people
    Edit: narcissism you can stand that
    But fake and backstabbers are dangerous

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