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Make it Real: Kingsman Umbrella Gun!

Make it Real: Kingsman Umbrella Gun!

We’re from the Kingsman tailor shop in
London maybe you’ve heard of us? Today marks the beginning of a new age, I’m gonna show you it… Hey guys I’m the Hacksmith and we take
fictional ideas from comics movies and video games and make it real! We’ve made
Captain America’s electromagnet shield Batman’s grappling hook gun complete
with an ascension winch, Reinhardt’s rocket hammer and we’ve even made the
plasma rifle from Mass Effect as well as working on Zarya’s particle cannon! but I’ve always wanted to try and make some of the gadgets from Kingsman! especially the umbrella! Unfortunately I never really got around to it which is why I was super excited when 20th Century Fox asked it will be possible to make a
real-life version of the umbrella because Kingsman the Golden Circle which
is the sequel is coming out soon and the umbrella is back and more badass than
ever! so what do you think is it possible to
make it real let’s find out but first we’re going to need a good quality
umbrella and as it turns out a good quality umbrella is pretty durable! so you can definitely use an umbrella
good melee weapon but the best defense is a good offense so let’s make this
shoot and to do that we’re gonna be using these co2 cartridges because they
pack a punch with over 800 psi inside now we’re gonna use a tire inflator and
we tried a few different brands but we found this is the best one if you have a
tube simply attach the tire inflator and bam you got yourself a blowgun not bad
alright let’s modify the umbrella now first we need to remove the tip and ream
out the barrel now I’ve already removed the handle but in order to actually
shoot something through the shaft we’ll actually have to remove one of the
retaining pins so there’s another piece here that’s crimped on as long as that
stays in place the umbrella will remain fixed even though we took out that pin
as you can see we have a nice clear barrel now which means we can use it to
shoot projectiles now here’s where a few things get tricky because we’re
basically turning the shaft of the umbrella into a pressure chamber that
means we can’t have any holes especially where this trigger is so what we’re
gonna do is we’re actually gonna run a piece of hose past the trigger then
we’re gonna drill a hole and fill it with glue so we actually have a seal here
alright so we have a tight seal with the glue now you can blow the hose and no air comes back through this hole
and now we load in a blow dart attach our air supply… that one was real, I actually hit it! Look at that! Well not quite bullseye, it’s pretty damn close though. not too bad eh? pretty accurate too – now in addition to the blow darts we’ve also made some other ammo including these
metal slugs as shown in the movie next up let’s add the most iconic
feature of the umbrella adding a screen so you can see through it now the projector module inside this is
actually quite small it’s this little black box here which is actually only
connected by this ribbon cable so it would actually be possible to make this
quite a bit smaller the only problem is the circuit boards are going to be
tricky to place in the umbrella anywhere so this is actually probably the most
compact we’re getting it now to make sure the projected image
covers most of the umbrella we’re gonna have convert it to an ultra short throw type
projector which we can do so using a wide angle lens meant for a cell phone
camera now the battery it came with is a bit
awkward to fit into the handle of an umbrella so we’re going to switch it
over to the 18650 battery alright so the projector works and we
can make it shoot but how do we do those two things together we’re gonna have to
design a custom handle! Now I tried prototyping a few different handles
until I settled on this design which lets us put almost all the components
inside the handle so lets 3d print it. Now the final handle isn’t too much bigger
than the original but I could have made a lot smaller if I wasn’t using
off-the-shelf consumer parts foreseeably it would be possible to make it as
compact as the one shown in the movies if I had access to better components “Manners, Maketh, Man” Do you know what that means? The umbrella’s packed with great
technology and just like any firearm has a safety! …If you turn it on! This is a good suit!
“where’d it go?” What do you mean
where’d it go? This could ricochet back at us… Well it did hit me! Good thing it went to the right! Otherwise Ian would have got slug to the
face! Good thing he has protection on! But let’s test that now! WARNING! Do not try this at home. “Can we like not try this here either?” What? “What” What you say? *stares threateningly* Alright time to test the face shield! That was way better, shot gun mode is awesome! And one of the best features? Tactical vision. It’s honestly probably one of the
coolest things I’ve made so far. it’s just so awesome being able to see
through it making it the perfect shield Well I think he’s dead… Should probably make sure though… “BANG” Now unfortunately it would be almost impossible to make it bullet proof but for airsoft it’s pretty awesome. So! What’d you guys think? Let us know in
the comments below and don’t forget to check out Kingsman the Golden Circle in
theaters September 22, 2017 and for more Kingsman gadgets check out
the links in the description also what should we try building next the chain
fist perhaps? Make sure you subscribed with notifications turned on you’re not going to want to miss this! Thanks for watching!

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  1. Fun fact! Did you know I'm half-british!? Also to see the parts we used for this project and get the 3D files for 3D printing, visit our website!

  2. GENIOUS man ! You are probably the most creative man person i have ever seen !!!!!!

    Can you make the scepter of Loki used in Marvel films ?? Like avengers ?

  3. The scary thing about this is that in reality, just the umbrella being able to shoot darts is enough to make it a reasonable tool for assassination. It would only need to be able shoot needles or tiny iron balls coated in poison.

  4. Can anyone help me i couldnt go to the page about the umbrella by hacksmith pls reply if you could help me see the additional info about this project

  5. Thieves : Ima rob this place heheheheheh
    Hacksmith: takes out all of his weapons
    Thieves:Ok we’re done here bye

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