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Maine's Military Personnel Rucks For Fallen

Maine's Military Personnel Rucks For Fallen

usually ruck marches aren't something military personnel volunteer for but for some the main marathon tribute march is the least they can do I I'm not marching it because it's a tribute march and by being here with the rest of my my fellow soldiers and an airman I saw I've seen some Airmen too we are recognizing Maine's fallen soldiers this year is the ninth year of the ruck March those participating in this year's 26.2 mile ruck march around the portland maine area recognized the 92 main military personnel who followed conserving their country since 2001 captain Nehemiah mattress is marching for three but has one specifically in mind well uh with her and Roxy together beside enough to do Roxy after some time and he's an opportunity died natra says the March isn't just about paying tribute but also raising awareness in the community about our fallen heroes by us being out here during this marathon they can see that their own sons and daughters are serving or have served overseas and and have paid the ultimate sacrifice the ruck is long but being with comrades helps time go by during the last two miles families and friends of those marching and those fallen join the formation they do so much for us it's just a very nice way that we can support them get together as a family with the soldiers they've already done good 24 miles will be able to join them in the last two to be able to you know give them more support for that last stretch after all that they've done reporting for the 120 first public affairs detachment I'm Sergeant Alison Pelletier

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