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Mail Call – My First Solo Backpacking Trip, MilSurp Gear, New Camping Saw

Mail Call – My First Solo Backpacking Trip, MilSurp Gear, New Camping Saw

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  1. Great to hear some history Sintax. I started watching around 2012, had no idea you hadn't been backpacking your whole life! Over the years I have gotten to love not just your solo trips but trips with Mike, Sara, etc. and of course, the hunting trips between you and your dad's channel!!

    You would never know it from looking at our content, but you were actually my original inspiration for starting our channel in 2015. Very few people know that actually, I really should credit you more. Thanks for all you do. Is it weird that I'll rewatch some trips 2, 3, or even 4 times lol. It's happened over the years 😀

  2. I have that saw. I got it for wood carving and after I started backpacking i realized how handy it was to have along. Have seen several others on trail with the same one. Great saw!!

  3. Just watching this and wanted to let you know that I enjoy the longer videos and had a blast watching the last 2 new camping videos

  4. I am watching this channel since years, but i never heard his first name. Is it such a big secret or did I just missed it?

  5. In regards to that last comment you read: I also started watching this channel cause of your epic backpacking adventures vs gear reviews, though I do like to add that I enjoy both. Isn't it obvious to people that you can't be backpacking 24/7 to make backpacking videos? Oh well.

  6. I could tell you were really broken up by the person who unsubscribed. So I got my son to subscribe to counteract the huge loss.

    You're welcome.

  7. Yes, I have a silky bigboy 2000, and it's a pull only blade. Also David… aka reallybigmonkey1 is so cool. One last thing…. I live in southern maine and the white mountains are incredible.

  8. Have to admit Sintax has been my primary hiking sensai also. Took my first trip after the original Whites video. Took awhile to invest in and get all of the gear before my first excursion in '13. Have about a dozen trips under my belt …….. would have more, but work…. kids….. living in central Ohio limits my ability to get away as much as I would like. I wish I had Youtube in my college years (I'm 39) I would have started a lot earlier, especially considering I went to WVU. It was right under my nose, and although I took many great dayhikes, I did not have access to the knowledge that now gives me the confidence to head out for multiple days. But, my most sincere thanks to Sintax, whose videos have just the right combination of education and entertainment! It has been a pleasure to watch your backpacking/video-production skills evolve over the years (I wish you would have discovered hammocking a lot earlier though!!! lol). I started my daughters at 6 and 8 years old, and truly hope that they carry and pass on the backpacking-bug that I caught in 2012.

  9. hinting at another NH trip with Mike? I could offer a range of suggestions. I've been up there a lot this winter (footage is still backlogged) and have found numerous places to camp. find me on Instagram @noonanbk and I can give you some suggestions.

  10. I've had that Bacho saw for about 6 years… it goes with me every time I'm in the woods, and I use it for various pruning tasks around the house… it has been a great saw, and has held up to a lot of abuse.

  11. Really Big Monkey is Awesome! "TheOutDoorGearReview" channel does allot of military surplus backpacking and camping reviews.

  12. I have found you the perfect peice of gear. No real hiker should go into the wild without one.

  13. I'm slowly chipping away at your latest video, solo backpacking in the Sandwich Wilderness. Great that you expanded to a detailed two hour video, but takes time to get through it at half an hour at a time. Keep this style coming. Looking forward to seeing the hammock vs tent comparison in a single trip.
    Speaking of Irene, I started my hiking/backpacking career shortly after Hurricane Irene and missed what the trails were like prior.

  14. I would love to see you do an all military surplus video. That would be awesome! Thanks for all your cool videos. 👍👍

  15. fantastic video. Loved the story behind how you got started. I remember a few of your first videos were somewhat centered around emergency situations like when you filtered water while wearing a gasmask and made a fancee feast stove to save yourself from the zombie apocalypse XD I jest… All jokes aside though your cinematography has evolved impressively, and you continuously bring informative entertainment to us all without fail. Much appreciation

  16. Really like the beggining of this video, real nice camera set ups and that J cut was the business.
    Also have you seen the petzl e-lite? Not super powerful itself but very lightweight, a good option if you already carry a powerful flashlight and just need something for around camp.

  17. Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation is awesome and i'm a huge fan. They gave my state over $300,000 to help bring about 100 elk from Kentucky. A great foundation and i'm glad you found out about them!

  18. Hey same here, been with you for about 6 years and have been inspred as well to get out and hike and backpack. Thanks for what you do. I actually started my own channel to share my adventure that i create while recovering from a stroke. Thanks again

  19. Love the addiction just grows…it is alot of fun in so many ways..the last snow storm was a killer here on the east coast..grear video

  20. New to the channel, been enjoying the variety of videos you have! Just wanted to comment/recommend the Crua Hybrid sleep system, would love to see you test it out!

  21. The Cranberry Wilderness in WV would be a cool place to do a military surplus gear video. I've had fun with my alice pack there a few times. Love the camping and mail call videos!

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