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Maartje Folkeringa

Maartje Folkeringa

I love it when people initially think
it’s all real, solid and heavy. That it’s well constructed
and perfectly put together. But afterwards realize it’s
completely different. When they take a closer look,
they can see the tin foil and duct tape. It’s all fake. Jewellery made of worthless materials. At the moment, I’m very much
intrigued by sparkling lights. Exceptionally white teeth, for example.
Look at me, look at me. Or being number one.
Buy me, please. Status symbols.
A hero. My work is about colour and balance… but also about rhythm and friction.
Instead of everything being perfect… there should be some contradiction. Chic as well as shabby,
polished yet also rough, for instance. Contrasts. Like a squatter who also
happens to be a hockey player. Uniformity is boring. Plain boring. I’m interested in those private moments
when you think nobody is watching you. Situations you might feel
embarrassed about. A sort of loneliness.
Perhaps being preoccupied with status. Uncomfortable situations.
But I want this person to be… He shouldn’t be… The people I create,
aren’t easy to define. So hopefully you won’t look
at them and say: I know that type. In any case, it’s not a boring person. I was born in St. Tunnis.
St. Anthonis, officially. A small village in Noord-Brabant. I grew up with my parents
and two brothers. And then there was me.
I was always a little different. My parents and my brothers… matched well together.
They shared the same opinions… and views on the world around us
and what our ambitions in life should be. Then suddenly an artist is born
in this conservative family. Nice and warm. Let me change my shoes. These are my mother’s old tennis shoes. I started observing the do’s and don’ts
and unspoken rules at a very young age. Everybody seemed to understand
them completely, but I didn’t. I just didn’t know what I was
supposed to conform to. Since it didn’t work,
I decided to stop. I have tons of these. Rhinestone stickers. Does it sparkle enough?

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