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M998 HMMWV Dash Light LED Upgrade Federal Military Parts, Green, Blue, Orange

M998 HMMWV Dash Light LED Upgrade   Federal Military Parts, Green, Blue, Orange

hello and thank you for watching today we're gonna do a – light – replacement and what I have here are these LED bulbs from federal military parts I have three different colors here so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna show you how to take the limbs off replace the bulb and then I'll go through these different colors so that you can see what they look like so as you can see if you've ever wondered these two right here these are where your – the light lenses are you twist them counterclockwise this one I have loose already and then you can pull the lens off just like that now what I'll do is I'll set the lens up here now to replace the bulb it's a bit difficult because of the recess but what I like to do stick my finger push it in and twist it counterclockwise until the ball comes loose once the bulbs loose you can usually give it with your fingernails and pull it out so we'll go over these different replacements here a minute and give you guys pictures on how they look that is what the blue light looks like those are what the words of lights look like and here are the green lights now right now what I have plugged in is the blue light on one side and the green light on the other side it looks pretty cool I like the way it looks the blue lights are definitely the sharpest looking and from my previous ones these are definitely an upgrade they're much brighter and I can read my gauges a lot easier if you get a chance to do this upgrade I definitely recommend it what I'll do now is I'll try move around the steering wheel here so you can get a better look of what the gauges look like and that's what it looks like with blue and green here we have a side-by-side comparison on your left we have the federal military parts of bulb and on the right was a supposed genuine US military LED replacement now it could be a genuine military LED replacement but one thing's for sure the federal military parts is easier to read and much brighter down in the description I've provided links for the most affordable and highest quality tools and parts that I've used in these videos so feel free to check those out if you have any comments feel free to post them in the comments section I'll try and answer them as soon as possible like this video if you liked it and if you haven't yet subscribed and get future updates whenever I post a new video thank you very much for watching and have a wonderful day

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  1. Im trying to improve my gauge lighting.  I have purchased LED bulbs but can't seem to find the lens caps like your (Clear with a black top)  Where did you purchase yours?  Thank you

  2. Always wondered what a side by side would look like. Was looking at mine yesterday and was thinking WOW these stock bulbs are junk.  Much appreciated!

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