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M931 AM General truck

M931 AM General truck

my name is Jim zdinak and I'm here today to show you my wife's m9 31 am general tractor this is a custom truck it's from the military originally and it's been converted to a bed type Tru truck originally this was a tractor truck that pulled like a semi-trailer and it has a very short wheelbase and people enjoy the short wheelbase but yet they want to have a bed on the truck and so this had a custom bed put on the truck it's an old truck but it runs great it was rebuilt in 2010 by the military they put all new parts in it new motor new transmission all that stuff they did a really nice job did some updates to it as well they put a knee lock brake system on it which they don't normally have when they were manufactured tires are pretty good size as you can see these are what they call super single tires and they go through just about anything this is a six wheel drive vehicle to fair back what tires spin all the time there's an air switch on the dashboard that will let you lock in the front wheels take a look inside here you can see it's still painted military green in there it's got all the original dashboard and equipment in there low air lights and warning lights and gauges all that stuff there's not much electronics on this truck at all everything is either air powered or runs off 24 volt DC there's only just a couple of fuses in it they made them that way so that they were very reliable in the field there's not much to brake on these things the the injection pump for the diesel engine it's all mechanical there's nothing electronic going on there as you can see it's got a massive bumper on it massive radiator everything's massive about it's got big tow hooks on it so that you can pull other vehicles out of the mud or whatever it might be there's air gladhands down underneath the front so you can connect air up to a towing vehicle in case this one lost air you can pull air from another vehicle get yourself pulled out military putting these upgraded 24 volt LED lights is a really nice really nice feature to have there they're nice and bright moving over here to the other side I'm doing a little work on it replacing the windshield wipers while we're out here camping today so that's what's going on up there it's got a tool box down here that we can keep stuff in tools and whatnot I've got the seat raised there our batteries are underneath the seat there's four big batteries under there and we run up power for all of our campsite off of that as you can see it's got a fuel tank here it had one on the other side too it's got dual tanks 55 gallons each it will go about 400 miles on both tanks there's a lever inside you can you can switch the tanks over the frame on this trucks actually been extended a little bit it used to end about right here in the back and somebody put a few feet on it so that they could have this nice long your bed on here it's got the military pintle hitch for towing military vehicles it's got the electrical connector again it's got the big hooks moar glod hands under here so you can put air on another vehicle alright they're actually back here it's got the big some people call them upside-down pumpkin differentials under they're just massive it's full at the full air brake truck so it stops really well it's got built-in compressor and all that stuff open up the bed here this is what the bed looks like there's a ladder there we can put on the back and so it makes it a little easier to climb up and down in the summer of 2015 my wife and I had driven from where we live in the Cincinnati area down to near Jacksonville Florida on vacation with a couple friends of ours just to go to the beach down there and my wife seen this truck for sale on the side of the road and it caught her eye and we stopped and looked at it and I couldn't talk her out of it and we'd never owned anything like this so I went back to the to the resort and got on the internet and I found a I found a forum an internet forum called steel soldiers and it's all about military hardware like this there's tons of people on there that own these trucks and they own tanks and and all sorts of things that are you know demilitarized vehicles and such and there's just a wealth of information on there all the manuals every any information you could want and then if you've got a question or a problem you can toss a question up there and people will come back and help you and so we've never owned anything like this you know I've done some car repairs and things like that but but after seeing that I thought to myself yeah I think we could own this thing I think we could get the support that we needed and so we went out on a limb and we bought the thing and we drove it all the way back to Cincinnati which took about two days at 55 miles an hour about $300 worth of diesel fuel and we've been enjoying it ever since it's very easy to drive my wife really likes it it's power steering automatic transmission so anybody that could drive your average truck as long as they weren't too too scared they could get up in there and drive that vehicle

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  1. Mom's taxi for a quick run as the crow flies to the store. Traffic jam on the road no problem go across the grass side of the road.

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