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M925A1 Recovery -Army Truck 300 Mile Winter Road Trip

M925A1 Recovery -Army Truck 300 Mile Winter Road Trip

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  1. WOW, these things are ugly, uncomfortable, rough riding worthless pigs !!! Actually I think that it’s even worst in many ways than the ancient cold war era russian made KrAZ 225b 😂😂😂. At least those things weren’t this drafty inside the cab and actually had some heating that worked.

    $86K for that pile of horse crap? 😂😂😂

    Beautiful country though ! A bit barren on the way there, but right there at the destination it sure is beautiful !

    I won’t trade the 1970’s built Tatra 813 8×8 Kolos for none of your US built HHMTVs even of newer build ! Besides that, I hate automatic transmissions and I think that the only reason they stuck automatics in those trucks is to accommodate the dumb arses recruited in the services after the 80’s which can’t drive a stick manual transmission to save their miserable lives 😂😂😂

    Here’s a video of a 1970’s Tatra 813 8×8 kolos manufactured in Czechoslovakia during the cold war era, it has a 17.7 liter V12, air cooled, naturally aspirated engine producing 260 hp, tire inflation system controllable from in cab in motion , pressurized comfortable crew cab (6+1) supplied with filtered air from a biochemical filter pack, huge diesel heater ducted for cab heating and windshield defrosting which can also be used as an engine preheater in extreme cold temps (negative 35 C and below), electric synchronized windshield wipers that park outside of the field of vision powered by a powerful 24V electric motor and a very smart cable linkage system easily adjustable for stroke and length of travel each side independently with a 17mm wrench which I never seen one fail even after 20+ years of constant use. Yes, the electrical system of the truck is a 24 Volt system as on all the heavy European diesel trucks (3.5 T capacity and over)
    A patented “backbone drivetrain” all incased, which is also part of the frame structure that gives you 100% independent swing half axles suspension and an unparalleled structure protection as it does not twist at all on any kind of terrain, awesome power steering, pneumatic enhanced gear shifter and pneumatic over hydraulic clutch pedal, 5 speed synchronized main box with electric over pneumatic switch for the splitter giving you 10 forward gears and with the deep reduction 20 forward ratios, a 100 metric tons (220K lbs) capacity winch with 100 yard cable which can be routed to an outlet in front of the truck or an outlet in the back of the truck (if you see a thing that looks like a “trumpet” on the front bumper, right next to the hole for the headlights on the passenger side, that’s the outlet for the winch cable), and many more other futures than you can shake a stick at ! Top speed on highway 90 km/h (55 mi/h) @ 1.75K rpm and it’ll go to 62+ mi/[email protected] rpm, but not recommended. It weighs at about (14 metric tones) 30K lbs empty and it’s about (2.5 meters) 100 inch in overall width and 28.87 feet in overall length. And that’s just 1970’s technology. Awesome in extreme off road applications and it’ll plow through 6+ feet of snow in the winter with a dozer blade attachment available for those trucks like there’s nothing in the way. In 2 feet of snow it’ll haul ass like on dry road with no effort whatsoever.
    In 1982 they replaced the 813 model with the 815 model which got a redesigned tilt-able cab and a more powerful turbocharged engine.

    Winter driving

    By the way, in the Tatra 813 8×8 kolos the two font axles, the steering axles, are the ones permanently engage for traction. The rear two axles can be engaged on demand and power dividers can be blocked on demand, or all power dividers and differentials can be blocked on demand. The differential concept is completely different than what you know from the classic design:
    The same concept is used for almost 100 year in Tatra products. The new Tatra Phoenix has a video in which they’re explaining the “central backbone tubular drivetrain” and their independent suspension design.

    You can see in the next link a Tatra 813 8×8 kolos with a mounted proprietary dozer blade pulling a P50 tank trailer rated at 60 metric ton capacity (132K lbs) plus its empty wight at about 30K lbs which seats on forty (40) 8.25 R16 tires.

  2. This is the kind of American Rio imported by Iraq for the Iraqi army in 2004 and 2005. I am in the maintenance of the Iraqi army. I am the electrical engineering class at Talil base in Nasiriyah.

  3. Love EVERY one of your vids! Learned a lot. I just did a pilgrimage from Altoona PA back out to mid Ct in a 91 923A2 of my own and I can appreciate EVERY nuance you notice and made note of in this vid. Did the trip in ONE Tank no stopping. The next day ran her dry in less than 3 miles from home because 939 gauge lies lol. Gotta love a p7100 prime , crank , crack , go!

  4. If it has a comings engine with 3 heads (2 cylinders each ) I think you have a broken head bolt between the heads. We used to call it cerping sound, because it let's head gasket to leak under load. So it's not a exuast leak like you think.
    The way to check is take a long screw driver and hit the 4 center head bolts I think you will find one broken.
    So there.

  5. 2 years later and we still don't know what was in the back! Is this the truck you are currently using?

  6. Nice ride. What make of engine? They make a lil heat or lil more. 24v artic heater for cab helps lil more.

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