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M9 Surplus Service Pistol Beretta 9mm – Hitting Civilian Market! – COMING SOON!?

M9 Surplus Service Pistol Beretta 9mm – Hitting Civilian Market! – COMING SOON!?

hello this poke green FPS and while you guys know that the Sig Sauer pistols of p320 is replacing that nine so you guys are wondering when is the m9 given be available for military surplus on the civilian market I'm going to answer that today the m9 service pistol now under all the controversy of the nine-millimeter replacing the 45 people are now seeking out the m9 beretta now with the m9 I'm not going to click I know when is coming out there is no date to be determined but this is what I'm going to say about what I believe is going to happen and truly reflecting it off my military experience implementation of something standardized in the military at least in the Marine Corps I'm pretty sure it's military all around is when something becomes a standard it's very hard and if you look back to the history it's very hard to replace it then in there with the snap of the fingers it's going to take years in years to implement everybody having the pre 320 made by sig you don't really think about it this thousands of thousands of thousands of troops and they need to replace these and as well as these are accounted for through a system there's a serial number system it goes through the system we check it in with the system your cards when it's issued it's a big deal it takes a lot of paperwork and it will be a lot of red tape especially when getting these to the civilian market anyway be patient have a nice day and stay safe

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  1. If they are surplussed the CMP will be selling them for more than you will be able to buy a new or used civilian owned one. Condition will be pretty nasty I would think with the maintenance issues….

  2. Not worth it even if it happens next month. The US military is notorious for not taking care of their firearms especially the pistols. I predict well over half will likely be in questionable condition with extremely few "hand select" picks. When available I will check them out but I am not expecting much.

  3. These Berettas will be kept in the U.S. Military inventory for decades. They all will need to be inspected, repaired, possibly re-finished then stored in cosmoline for a long time.  Don't wait to get one.  Buy a used police trade-in or a new one.

  4. That could take 4-8 years of transition.  Due to a lot of these Beretta 92-FS. Deployed all over the world by U.S.,  Armed-forces.

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