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M17 Medic Bag Review

M17 Medic Bag Review

what's up everybody this is a tactical ambulance and today we are going to be reviewing the military m17 medic bag now this bag you can get for pretty reasonable price I got this for I think it was $25 it was at a army-navy store so I was really happy about it very very good quality and durable now if you want it with if you want it stocked it's gonna be like maybe a hundred or more dollars so if you don't already have it I would suggest you just either buy it stocked you should probably just buy it stocked or or you can do what I did and just get everything separately which sometimes is more expensive than just getting it on the package this was a genuine one as you can see it has as a US symbol so yeah so without further ado let's look inside this thing here so I'm gonna bring this closer so right here we have a hook and loop right here just to close the bag there's no zipper to close this back also on the side you have this to close it because this thing will just unravel on you now usually when you buy this it will not come with backpack straps cuz I have no idea I'm actually ordering some backpack straps for this but they can be pretty expensive because what I actually did was I used this string and this is for a sleeping bag so you can imagine how much it just cut into my shoulder so I said no more of this so I'm just gonna get some military backpack straps to put on the back which is right here just hook that here and hook it down here there you go but yeah it says like a bunch of stuff medical instrument and supply set number 17 a bunch of other stuff and in the front you have the epic us Medical logo so that's how the outside looks it kind of looks like it's passing out because it pretty much is it never stands up straight on its own so like all the pictures online they're all lives you really can't make it into a perfect square but if you open it up this is my favorite part ready it's super confusing so it opens up into three different compartments so that's how that looks first compartment has zippers and they have waterproof coating inside so this stuff isn't going to get wet but that's how it is all of them are exactly the same at just sets of two so there's six different compartments for medical supplies so now you don't have to follow what I did but I just just put in a bunch of random junk like I have a bag-mask device in here so I was just trying to give it more of that square look which did not work at all so yeah but I really really like this bag because of how many just easy accessible compartments have had and just the durability of it and of course the military look which I absolutely love and yeah also there is one compartment on the side right here if you can see it I just use that to put a random roller gauze if you know you need to hold on a bandage and yeah and the rest of it I have masks we have some iodine in here penlight now all this stuff I did put it on my own I wouldn't really suggest it because it is it's expensive to be buying individual medical supplies but yeah so that's the m17 military medic bag again it is a really really cool bag with a pretty reasonable price on it so if you're looking for something cool for hiking or camping I would definitely suggest buying this probably just buy it with the equipment already stocked in it yeah but I didn't pack it for surgery I just packed it for basic EMT level emergencies so of course it's not as much stuff in it but it still kind of has the look of the m17 bag so I'm really happy about that and yeah so I hope you liked this video and I hope it was informative if there's any comments you have on how I could make it better or if you want to see any other military gear let's see what I have and probably put it up on YouTube to show you guys on yeah so this has been ambulance boy I hope you liked the video please like and subscribe and I will be coming out with more military videos pretty soon

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  1. Did you ever upload a video on the backpack straps for this???
    I'd make some paracord shoulder straps if it didn't come with any and needed it fast!

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