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M1101 + Roof Top Tent = Project

M1101 + Roof Top Tent = Project

welcome on thanks for watching Molly and I are pretty excited about our little piece of desert terlingua Texas what you're watching video over now we started this YouTube channel of our projects and experiences in the desert and this is our first project an army-surplus M 1101 trailer decided to roll in this direction because we needed three things cargo space to haul building supplies a comfortable place to sleep while we're there most importantly the trailer needs to be rugged our first overnight stay was in July 2017 and the sail is hot be an understatement with temperatures reaching one other and three in the shade we realized that we needed to step up our game intended to make it up here my dad and I picked up the trail of his for Polk Louisiana in September of 2017 Gulf made the entire process very easy we've got the trailer to a safe place and I started designing the rack for the future we've dubbed it this is the design I came up with one inch but two inch still to make up each of the four individual rail systems the long rectangle on top to the special solar panel and the tent will mount to the top rail we started day one by building the rectangular pieces easy cuts easy welds and they went together very quick this was Molly's first time welding and she was killing it after only a few weld which was really awesome to watch only got a few pictures and even fewer videos but even Bryant eventually got hit on the world again there were no videos of day 2 and this is my favorite picture of the day so that's all you get we made a slight design change by welding the side railings higher onto the rectangular sections of the framing and we finished up all four of the railing systems before calling it a night my license could be ok with it so onto day three we spent a while trying to ensure that each railing system was exactly the same before welding them to the angle I improved frustrating so we moved on to spacing and rails in relation to each other – best distribute the weight of the roof top 10 once we're all happy with the spacing we picked back up and attempted to level the weld pairs of rails together this also fruit frustrated no we ended up eventually just tackling each rail to the angle line and see where all the things about only one area ended up needing any adjustments so we moved on from welding all the other points and just because I'm here to talk about eating stuff and I thought is pretty cool that I can get three videos to sync up exactly here's a video of Mali welding again good enough for government work welding grinding and painting continued and eventually the daylight got away from us I was rolling solo on day four it was a random week day off for me but it gave me the time to take care of a last-minute Frago project I wanted to do and wrap up bolting the frame system of the trailer itself before the tent showed up which was kind of a big deal I had a new camera to play with as well so that was pretty fun we threw the tent on it mounted it on day 5 but I failed you all by forgetting this about the cameras I don't know if you'd call this an unveiling exactly but this is the first time the tendons gonna be able to fall attached to this trailer so it's pretty dang close to my bro eventually Molly and I with Brian several forces managed to get the cover off [Laughter] the latter cover thing ended up being a pain in the ass but we got it figured out with all the windows open here down although we'll call this ignition success you see next time where we'll hopefully be put in a tent and good use cheers and thanks for watching

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  1. I’m looking to getting into a similar project. Do you mind uploading a version with the narration higher or the music lower volume? Please

  2. Cool trailer.i couldn't hear through the loud music but do you mind telling again the website some .com site you mentioned where you bought the trailer?

  3. Did you get a title with the trailer? I see those and a different model on Craigslist some times and have always thought about picking one up. But few are in good shape and come with a title.

  4. Nice setup. I've been looking for them rear stabilizer Legs that you have. Where did you get them?. Check out My Trailer Builds. Thanks!!!

  5. Your project is inspiring me to do a similar build for my M1101. looking forward to your future updates in the M1101.
    Few questions for you:

    1. How much did you spend on metal materials?

    2. Was that a flux core welder you were using?

    3. What is the over all height of the rack and with the tent with your build?

  6. i want to do something similar but be able to put my ATV polaris sportsman 4×4 in it. measurements say it will work but id have to have the roff top tent higher. was thinking about buying one with the tall canvas top cover and rails and not get a RTT, just blow up a air mattress in the trailer after pulling the quad out.

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