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M101A1 and M101A2 Trailers.

M101A1 and M101A2 Trailers.

this is my m1a2 trailer I bought it from government liquidations came from Washington this one had both the side the wood racks and the top bows I do have the top the canvas rubberized canvas top though it's uh it's pretty crispy so I'm not sure yeah how much good it is or even if you can get it on certainly when it's cold like this if you've never get it on without destroying it my eventual plans are to convert it be an actual dump trailer you know pull those pins amount a little hydraulic engine hoist tight piston because I think that'll be pretty darn useful both this trailer and it's topless sister dirty girl that she is had brand new tires on it which are now the winter tires on my pickup figured the tires themselves were $1 apiece $4 with the tires so I mean that worked good and I just throw on some older times as I had lying around there quite a bit shorter but it's nice I mean let's face it these things are already quite a ways off the ground overall I've been very happy with them I just finished converting the wiring on this one both trailers had their shocks destroyed by the government' liquidations forklift driver I'm not all that bigger about it not really it's way up there in the dust shroud and you know be honest I just don't see it causing a problem certainly I'm not gonna do anything about it till I start to leak this is m1a1 not tarnish here is a generator I'm building a rack for it so that I can sell it basically my original plan was to buy the pair of them keep the one that I wanted and sell the other one to either her she had a free or offset the cost I suppose when you factor in the fact that I got four brand new tires for the truck I really am probably gonna get it free or close to it I finally get it sold the wiring converted working on that today I said just got the other one done and then my guess is it'll kick around here for a little while because or no I need more crap but who knows I'll use it as a steel scrap steel trailer give me some place to pile it all rather than in the yard I know how much the neighbors love that you

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  1. may be a dumb question but what is the difference between the a1 and the a2? is it just the break system and dump bed? i'm looking to make an offroad camper to pull behind my jeep, thanks

  2. Women, complain that Men run the world yet they tell us what to do every step of the way. XD Oh wait, its the single feminist complaining lol.

  3. 26" Is a little high, shoot for about 23"-24" to the bottom of the pintle hook's gullet. That will put it close to level or just a bit nose down when empty, that is assuming it is like mine.

  4. It is very high, I have a 4×4 Dodge and I had to set my hitch 3 inches above the receiver tube. Depending on your lift you might just want a straight hitch with no drop. I want to say it is around 26" high, but then I put much smaller tires on it (I very much recommend this) to bring the overall height down some. I will measure this evening and write back.

  5. Hey, great videos. I just bought my own M101…not sure what version or year it is yet but it looks good. It does not have the serge brakes which is what I wanted. I was wondering if you might be able to tell me the hight from the ground to the pintle eye when the trailer is level. I have a lifted F-350 and need to get a pintle hitch before I go pick it up, but I want it to be level while towing. It has the original tall military tires on it. Thanks for any help you can provide.

  6. Great little video. I'm thinking seriously about buying one of these. This might sound random but it's the only question I haven't had answered. Does it take synthetic or non synthetic brake fluid? And where is the brake fluid resorvoir? Thanks in advance!

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