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M1 Carbines and US Army 1911A1 Pistols

M1 Carbines and US Army 1911A1 Pistols

1941 a state of war what general they gone had full the battle from the Battle of Britain in the back friggin right on the beat Ruth the fight on the landing grounds we shall fight in the field and you let me provide in video hey guys and gals it's Alden at the moss and Crete calm and yesterday I picked up a Humvee load of World War two and cold war-era military surplus so how this is gonna work is starting tomorrow the 21st I'm gonna have a different theme each day for about the next week of different surplus so tomorrow's theme is going to be the American military surplus I'm gonna have in one carbines 1911 US service pistols from World War two all those are going up tomorrow but next week each day I'm gonna have different surplus and I can promise you these stuff I have is awesome I'm talking stuff that hasn't been imported in years I'm not gonna go too much more into it than that because I want you guys to have a little bit of excitement like I believe me I was excited yesterday when I went through this stuff there's some neat stuff in there and the reason there's some neat stuff in there is because the importers had a showroom or a sample room for a long time basically when they get stuff imported they cherry picked and kept the cool stuff for themselves I guess to either display or sell later on for a lot more money anyways I've been trying to get at that room for a long time and finally the surplus heaven gates have opened and I grabbed everything I could this is without a doubt the biggest purchase the Mawson crate has made the stew date and anyways I guess the only thing else I can say is with all these lists coming out over the next seven seven to ten days it is gonna take me seven to ten days to pack and ship out the orders it's just me here I'm a tiny little store I could hire an employee but then the price would go up for you guys because I have to pay that employee so I'm sure you'll agree it's worth way a few extra days to get your item shipped out to get it that much cheaper and one of the cool items that I got out of here and this is nothing really special but I thought it was neat as hell PHP MV made in Croatia these are weird looking 9-millimeter handguns look like a p38 had a love baby with a Beretta of some sort they're double stack they hold 15 rounds of the magazine it's I think it's really the first gun that Croatia made it's a weird gun and unfortunately I only got one of them so that one is I'm gonna keep it for now but yeah I got some neat stuff coming up so have your wallets ready moving on m1 carbines these are everything on this list the m1 carbines the 1911 a ones everything on this list is going to be in good shooter grade condition there's not going to be any mint examples but what I do have is about everyone from every flavor so I have things like Saginaw national postal meter inland quality Winchester things like that I have all that in there and I'll be quite honest with you getting a camera up underneath that rear sight to find out what the maker is is a pain in the butt so I'm gonna sort of wing it in this video but if you go on the website on Maas and Crete calm and go on the shop page you'll be able to see the maker of each and one carbine so like I said these are good shooter great condition so expect there may be light rust somewhere I haven't seen any but that doesn't mean that there's not gonna be one that has some little bit of rust surface rust somewhere there's gonna be a patina there's gonna be finish missing like where you can see they're just you know normal wear and tear there may be a minor crack here and there in the wood but just expect good shooter grade rifles all of these are going to be curio and relic this one here is a Winchester just judging off of that italic W that I'm seeing on the side there I should go ahead mention the two magazines that you're seeing with each rifle there are these two magazines here are my magazines the guns did not come with magazines when I ordered them so I actually had to order magazines from them so don't expect to get those two magazines that you're seeing there you're gonna get one magazine with each gun and it'll condition of the magazine will vary but it will be functional oh and like I was saying everything is crew and relic CNR so if you have a CNR license the m1 carbines the 1911 s they can ship directly to you the top rifle here is going to be a national postal meter and the neat thing about this rifle is it does have a Rock Cola barrel on it and Rock Cola yes is the jukebox company I believe it's january 1943 it's really hard to get focus on that one there it is you barely see it rock Ola and 1:43 just below it for January of 1943 very common for him on carbines to have different companies different factories parts on them because they did subcontract out and this one here on the bottom is a Saginaw these would have served both in world war ii and korea and possibly other conflicts later on and they're all going to be in 30 carbine carbine carbine and I believe this one is an Underwood up top here in this bottom one I think is an inland my carbine and I cannot even remember what this last one is so like said sort of winged it today I wanted to get these up technically I should have put this up with the other lists on Monday but I wanted to go ahead and get one up for the before the weekend and all the makers any information that you want to know is gonna be on the website so it's got some nice plumb parts on it just interesting yeah I cannot see the maker on there from there moving on 1911a1 s both of these are nineteen late 1943 Ithaca 1911 a ones both of them are import mark but the import mark is very small on my me it's one small little line both are in good shooter grade condition and these are going to look a lot better in real in person there they don't the camera just does not do these justice at all both are in 45 both are see and are eligible so they can go directly to you if you have a see in our license and just to show you what they look like on the bottom and top so this list is gonna be available tomorrow Friday June 21st 10 a.m. Eastern Standard Time visit moss and crate comm click on the shop page and that'll have all the pictures pricing all that fun stuff and if you have any questions at all feel free to message me click on the contact button and I'll get back to you soon as possible thanks for watching guys hope you have a good rest your day and we'll talk to you tomorrow

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  2. Always been interested in the M1 Carbine, also want a M14, really want a MAS 36 and MAS 49 but can never find them anywhere. 🙁

  3. Dang it I will probably never be able to afford american milsurps with the stupid high prices. However I like to look and dream and help spread the word about the mosin crate so other people that can afford them can find some good deals

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