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M1 Carbine & Paratrooper with folding stock! (4K)

M1 Carbine & Paratrooper with folding stock! (4K)

hey guys I'm Jerry Mitchell ik I'm out here on a beautiful day on the range I got something to show you guys it's an m1 carbine paratrooper model probably one of the most premier firearms are the Special Forces of World War 2 this is a new manufacturers made by inland manufacturing it's brand new it's a folding stock m2 style it's a semi-automatic come with a 15 round magazine it's pretty much an exact duplication of the World War 2 production firearm they even use the same stain they did in the actual world war 2 manufacturer carbine so that's why the wood looks so nice and looks so original because it's exactly like they did in the second war what's interesting about this firearm it was the most produced small arms of the earth and in the United States inventory they came into use in 1941 and of course 145 the ended war they quit manufacturing the m1 carbines and by that time they had made like six and a half a million of them and there's like five different variations of the m1 carbine and they're actually made by five different vendors so you're looking at a platform that's a little under a yard long the way is over just a hair over five pounds shoots a 30 caliber 110 grain bullet at about nineteen hundred and fifty feet a second very compact it was a soldier's friend father-in-law told me when he was in combat fighting the Japanese in the Pacific and said you saw m1 garand you saw Thompson's you saw BA ours on the ground but you never saw a 30 carbine without a soldier holding it so anyway let's go ahead and have a little fun with it I've got some 500 Bernal steel targets guys these are made by MGM their rifle rated and this is a centerfire rifle so what you want to do when you do something like this your target has to be of the same quality to be safe so this stuff is rifle rated they actually we're gonna go ahead and shoot himself let's go ahead and crank up a target here let's shoot that target on the Left six rounds see what that sounds like yo whoa that's pretty good guys that's just coming out citing it in I didn't even cite it in all I did with this carbine put a little lucas oil on it make sure it was going to function so that was six rounds on target give you an idea what it gave the soldier it gave him a small package and the whole idea going into the second war the US government noticed that most non non combat soldiers like if you were in a tanker oh you were the truck driver or you worked on artillery or whatever if you weren't in direct combat you needed a firearm and there's a standard issue at the time was the 1911 45 caliber pistol which was a great firearm in its own right extremely hard to shoot well inaccurate without a lot of training so they came up with the idea if they had an intermediate cartridge like the 30 carbine that a soldier would be a lot better off with a smaller rifle something easy to handle lightweight and made a more effective in battle so and that's exactly what they came up here with guys another interesting thing about 30 carbine ammunition is the fact that it was never manufactured with the corrosive primer so if you find vintage firearms they're usually always in very good condition because no corrosive ammunition was ever fired in it and the way this systems work it has a small top it here on the front that hits the upright so if you had any kind of corrosive ammunition you would soon follow the the weapon and it wouldn't work so never made with corrosive ammo so most World War 2 issue guns are still in good condition when you can find them a lot of them were were loaned out to different countries after the second war the lone lend-lease policy was in effect Norway South Korea got a bunch of them Philippines so a lot of those are still coming back into the United States and you can buy them through the cmp which is a great organization in itself so so there you have it guys 30 carbine relatively easy to control the only thing I have problems with it my old eyes trying to see the peep sight so tell you what we're going to do we're going to load it up again and see if we can go left or right two on each that's always a fun drill alright let's see if we can get them left two right two on each here we go yeah so there you have it guys small intermediate cartridge not too much on the same level as a 7.62 by 39 round which would be the intermediate Russian cartridge but a very good substitute for a pistol and what can you say everybody who had them in the second war loved them and I kind of like mine hey guys I got the full-size version of the m1 carbine you can see has a full wood stock on it this is the latest version there's digital manufactured toward the end of the war had a fully adjustable rear sight had a bayonet lug for what reason I don't know but in case you need to show up stick at the end of it it also had a fifteen or thirty round mag in 1943 when they started making a fully automatic version of these the m2 s they started issuing a 30 round magazine so you had a lot of horsepower there guys you had 30 rounds under your finger and when you compared to the m1 garand which only had 8 rounds or Thompson which had a 20 or 25 round stick you had a lot of horsepower here another thing that's really outstanding about the 30 carbine is that a head light weight ammunition he had 110 grain bullet as you can see it's a very compact round you could put a lot of these in your pocket doesn't sound like much until you start shooting a lot and the weight of ammunition really means a lot to the soldier who has to carry this stuff day in and day out so a compact platform like this even though it's fully extended it's still but 35 inches long and weighs a little over 5 pounds so there was a good book out by a gentleman by the name of Lieutenant Colonel John George he was called shots fired in anger he was a thousand-yard camp Perry championship pewter so when he went into the second war what he did for the US Army was to evaluate foreign Firearms platforms so when he was in the Pacific Theater fighting the Japanese his carry gun was a 30 carbine which he had modified with the five round magazine so it fit flush on the end of the of the stock here so when you went to carry that was very convenient and what you want to remember when it's old is out in the field he has to carry this thing and day in and day out it's his best friend so the more compact he could make it and that's what he did he put a five round mag into it they also wrote in his book if he thought he was going to get into an engagement for saying that left was the five round magazine and went back to the 15 or the 30 so so what you're looking at guys is a platform that's a whole lot better for a soldier than any handgun it's got more effective range it's easier to shoot and what you want to realize is a handgun is a great thing but when you shoot it in a very stressful situation a carbine is worth three times as much of that as any pistol so also the cartridge has a more effective range but it's designed for being effective up to 300 yards so give me an idea on a lightweight gun what we're going to do on the timer here guys we're going to shoot that left steel twice go all the way to the right target twice and come back to the left so it's going to be two two and two have to move over about four and a half five feet in the transitions and see if we can make these transitions and see if we can keep these to keep these rounds on target and see what it sounds like brand new rifle and let's see what it does here we go what do you say that right there guys we empty that's pretty good you see how light weight comes into fast target transitions and you can see it'll be a lot more effective in a than any pistol round at that distance so didn't take a whole lot of time to do all that stuff guys so that's the 30 carbine that's what made it a favorite of the veterans of the second war guys firepower lightweight and a lot of ammunition hey guys I've been to 30 carbine fan forever this is one I bought back in the 80s it was imported by blue sky this is a Saginaw AGM production 30 carbine these were available back I think they're like 280 bucks or something back in the day 15 round mags and I went to the cmp we were shooting down a camp at Fort Fort Benning so shooting three gun matches there so I'd make a pair I'd make a point of stopping by the CMP there in Anniston Alabama a few years ago and actually had 30 carbine so this is one that I picked up it's a real nice with the service grade still have the sticker on it so $495 kind of wish out I bought a few of them but that's a CMP our current 30 carbine it was selling really nice also have a few orig you know in the wrapper 30-round GI magazines which are getting rare to find so these are actually government issue for the m2 carbines still in the wrapper that's kind of tricked the 30 carbines I've going back for a long time I've shot him I've enjoyed them that just a part of the American history second war guys it's just just a very unique transitional firearm so fun to shoot what can I say hey guys what I also want to tell you is that we have a lot more stuff to give away we've got another jm9 30 miles Berg we have another vortex razor 1 by 6 telescopic sight and also a razor red dot to give away so you have to do guys like us comment and subscribe and get your name in the Hat and we got all this stuff to give you so thank you very much

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  1. I love the M1 Carbine it was my second rifle after a old 22 Remington bolt action, I put a lot of meat on the table with mine in the 70's and 80's pig hunting. Lot of shit head's talk about it not having enough horsepower for self defense, if it could kill 200 lbs hog's with one shot, I pity anyone on the receiving end. Just don't use a 30 round mag and your good to go. Yeah mine was used as a bush gun for hunting, not self defense. Didn't need a gun back in those days, a good fist fight was more honorable in my neighborhood. Thanks Jerry for the memories of the old M1 Carbine.

  2. Great little rifle. If it doesn't have enough hitting power, you still get to shoot 15 bad guys twice with a 30 round magazine.

  3. I like the old 30 cal m1 carvine but now i felt more inlove with the newly made model especially the folding butt.
    I also like the scopes. I hope i can get one. Thanks.

  4. U.S. troops didn't like these in Korea. Drugged up Chinese with thick winter gear at longer ranges made the M1 Carbine not very effective. But overall a great gun for what it was designed for.

  5. The M-2 Carbine was the best gun of WWII. Change my mind.

    Edit: He got 15 rounds off almost as fast as I could get 2 rounds off. 🤯🤯🤯🤯

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