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  1. Awesome job I would like a list of the items you used for this mod as I can't seem to find them and I would like to have a go at this.

  2. you need bug netting and ventilation not only for co2 but condensation… but its been 5 years so I guess your happy with it

  3. thanks for making your film . i will give it some thought now on altering my bag some thing i been wanting to do for a long time thanks again for showing how you modified your bag

  4. Nice Job
    Some yrs ago, I made my own gear using similar material.
    I drew & cut, my wife did the sewing… unfortunately we did not have a camera and no ytube.
    Got a cam now, thinking of remaking some as I gave most away.
    ¡Excellent Job!

  5. Great video. Will try to mod my own bag in a similar way. but I'm a bit concerned about making holes in the foot end since I'm going to use it in wet condition ( it rains alot here in Norway). Do you think glue could be used instead? What kind of rivets did you use?

  6. Very good. Don't want to be negative but would be worried about CO2 build up and CO if you were to burn a candle. ventilation needed. Sorry.

  7. hi love this product and I'm thinking about doing the same when I get one what poles did you use to prop the bivi up ? Cheers matty

  8. Top Job Mick, I will have to learn how to use a Sewing Machine and what were those studs ?. Still Top job . Brooky

  9. Well done mate great job. Also, a very well thought out and edited video. I mean that, your use of time lapse, in camera editing and general structure and framing were fecking class and suggest formal film training. If not get some because you have the knack and originality. Now, do a video on putting a mosi net andor an observation slot on the same bivi bag. Cheers Phe.

  10. I want to try the same but with pieces of inner bicycle tubes. This way the bag can be inflated into shape. Also a mosquito net would be good. Finally, you can mod a camo net on top of those white sticks for extra stealth.

    Subscribed, you have talent, friend.

  11. Old vid, but hopefully you still reply…
    I'm curious as to the materials and specs used to make the hoop.

  12. Hi mate, have you used this recently and do you use a tarp underneath it? Planning to test my one around 18th this month (before parents see GCSR results lol). I don't know whether to hoop the bottom end, as then you've a bigger profile for wind etc, as you could make the head end fresstanding ( tie outs both ways, toward feet and head). I'll probably just do the feet hoops anyway though as it's a proven design.

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