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LWRC SMG45, Henry Side Gate Levers, PC 380 EZ, SBA4 – TGC News!

LWRC SMG45, Henry Side Gate Levers, PC 380 EZ, SBA4 – TGC News!

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  1. I would shoot 9mm because it is a caliber I can carry but also comes in the form of some really awesome rifles.

  2. Federal could hit a pretty nice niche market with this depending on how it's implemented. Given they already have large cartridge component stockpiles and adequate production capacity, aside from perhaps hiring some dedicated team for this, the costs would be minimal. There's probably a lot of people who might not have the cash for good reloading equipment/components but do have the knowledge to chose and willingness to pay for such custom loads.

  3. $2995?!?! Jesus H. Christ I could buy a mill from harbor freight, build a STEN and still have cash leftover for ammo

  4. LRWC….Nope. I would much rather spend that much on a rifle, shotgun, pistol AND ammo. You can get good gear without breaking the bank. I'll leave these glossies to the pinky ring and the jacked-up chromed grocery fetching 4×4 pick-up tactifool crowd. Its like Gucci for guys. Pure flash.

  5. To me the most therapeutic guns to shoot are my m1 garand, and a very noisy rattly pump shotgun. Nothing beats the accuracy and ping of the garand. And nothing beats all the different clinks, clunks and thumps of an old pump shotgun. It’s like asmr. But for guns

  6. I’m not an arisaka or nambu fan by any means, but it would be cool to see federalists custom shop make ammo for those guns so that the guys who brought those rifles and pistols back from the pacific can fire them at least once in their life

  7. Just like the armed forces I’ll stick with my B&T APC45 an 9, better build quality, superior design, and amazing accuracy, reliability, control. LWRC should have picked up a B&T before pricing theirs above it, it’s not close to being as fun or controllable, and since B&T made all HK parts for decades they have Accesories covered, where as LWRC is a great gun, it offers less for more money (slightly more money). They made it for the contest that B&T won (has won with almost every govt worldwide), and are now trying to recover r&d spending.

  8. Crackheads yep crackheads that’s who works at LWRC, $3000.00. What wonder metal are they made of steelalubullshtunumtainium ?

  9. I don't know if you ever mentioned him before for Guntuber of the Week, Jon, but I would like to nominate Ballusz Nemeth over at capandball. I just discovered his channel last week, and going through the backlog, he's been putting out really high quality content on historical firearms for several years now. It's especially impressive that he's in Hungary, but goes out of his way to produce videos in English.

  10. If the smg is priced like a car, the quality you get for the price is more in the range of a Ferrari. $1500 for a pistol caliber rifle is already pretty expensive.

  11. One caliber for the rest of my life: 9mm, easy. Its what I carry everyday and shoot more than everything else. It scales up to a PDW decently well, and even a carbine (MPX etc) in a pinch. I

  12. If stuck with only one caliber option for the rest of my life? I'd have to go with 12 gauge, options abound as far as loadings go, from " riot suppression" bean bag and rubber loads to Al the varieties of birdshot, buckshot, or slugs. Besides I live in a fairly rural area so personal defensive carry of a pistol isn't such a high priority, there's nothing I'd be likely to shoot with a pistol that a long gun wouldn't be a better choice for. Though I could make an argument for .22lr it just doesn't have the larger game applications necessary to commit to.

  13. I find it interesting that the gun industry is a simultaneous race to the top and the bottom. Decent, mid priced guns seem to get forgotten in favor of cheaper and cheaper or high dollar no holds barred rich guy guns. Stuck between Wilson combat and canik haha!

  14. Does the LWRC SMG 45 require a spacer in place of a Nielsen Device? Or…Because it operates “like a pistol” can one just directly thread a can like they would a pistol? No one online knows the answer to this to date.

  15. .22lr suppressed is the most fun caliber that, if given a caliber choice, would be what I would want to shoot forever.

  16. I shoot the 380 EZ better than any gun I've shot before, it was like the rays of sunshine broke through. Unfortunately I ride high up with my grip and it will slow/stop the slide since it's such a lite spring

  17. Caliber… 223/5.56 is my choice. Its everywhere, it can do most of the stuff I need, low recoil, more positives about it than negatives

  18. Btw their proprietary rail system running all the way down the receiver is pretty retarded. That's all.

  19. One caliber for the rest of my life!? That’s hard. My first thought was 308. Because AR-10 good deer round, still relatively cheap. But no pistols. So I’d have to go 357mag. Still can deer hunt with it. Plus carry a revolver in it. Squirrel hunting would be a challenge tho.

  20. So to all those that think this SMG is over price, well I’ll agree with you except when you look at the details. If you want a UMP45 clone correct, you’ll be spending up to $4000+. Also if you know anything about the UMP45 they had a few minor issues but nothing to scare most folks away. This gun addresses those issues, comes in lighter, cheaper, and you can swap any AR trigger last time I check, which means you could throw in a Geiselle or BFS3 and get faster follow ups.

  21. Bro… that answer about the gun industry needing innovation and cool… really? Explain Hudson for starters and how that worked out for them

  22. That’s a tough one for which caliber for life. I’d have to say .30 cal since it’s so versatile and with different loads you can get the gambit of game and targets out there. .30Carbine for varmint and small game, .308 for defense and medium game, .30-06 for the big stuff and of course belt fed in all calibers because sometimes a brick wall just needs to be sawn in half. I’d miss my .22 caliber options but if I had one diameter to do the job for life, I think I could do the best with .30cal.

  23. 22LR. It's cheap, it can be silenced well, plenty of cool guns and reproductions shoot it. But most of all it reminds me of my dad taking me shooting as a kid. He's been gone since 99 so it's memories like that I cherish the most.

  24. My purchase of a Henry is on hold until they leave New Jersey and relocate into the read United States.

  25. I have a Toyota and a Lexus and I love them both. I also loved how much less I paid for the Toyota, so no LWRC anything in my future. .22 Long Rifle for life. I just makes me smile with each trigger pull.

  26. Another great video. I love shooting my wife's SW 380 EZ, and i have to admit the PC version with the gold has peaked my interest in perhaps i should own one as well. LOL

  27. Major drool fest on the LWRC SMG. I am thoroughly a 9mm guy. Does this exist in 9? Very spendy, but I could start saving up. Wow. LWRC SMG-9 pistol. Wannit!!

  28. PCC's prices are high right now. they're the fastest growing demand. Last USPSA match I went to had more PCC competitors than production. Everyone's got their AR(s) and now everyone wants a PCC, once the fad cools down, PCCs prices will tumble back to reality.

  29. 12 ga. Would be mine because of the wide variety of ammo and hunting options.
    Also, no mention of the Harrisburg Rally? I thought it was good turn out.

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