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Lured Into Gears — Dirt Every Day Preview Ep. 79

Lured Into Gears — Dirt Every Day Preview Ep. 79

(engine revs) (laid-back rock music) (machinery whirs) (laid-back rock music) – So, we're going to build
this thing into a cab forward. We're going to sit sort of here, steering wheel will be right at the front, sort of like a Volkswagen bus. It's going to be cool,
big ol' honkin grill, and the big flat windshield
and a big flat roof, and then it should drop
off right about here, and then from there back
is going to be a truck bed. – I like it. – And this is going to
be cool cuz we can winch from our driver's seat. Forty-fived some square
tube for the floor. This is going to be sort of the halo that goes around the engine, and that'll be the base of
where we mount our seats and where we're going to sit. And then you've got to build some crazy contraption suspension and
put big honkin tires on it. So, that's what we're doing. Alright, I got most of the floor built for the cab part of this thing. I'm just adding in this 3/16 plate over the tire section here, and this is also going to
be where the seat mounts to. Feet'll go there, steering wheel, and now I've got to
build a cab after that. (intense rock music) – I cut about 31 inches
out of the chassis, now I'm going to roll it
forward and clamp it together and get ready to weld it back together. The reason we went with
31 inches was because that'll still give us a little
bit of a drive shaft here. – It's all coming together now. (rock music) So I got the back wall in, but it's super straight
up and boring looking, so I'm going to weld the roof hat on, and then I'll go back and I'll pike right above this back firewall so I can kind of lean the
whole roof down and forward to give it a little bit of a rake. And then after that I've just
got to build my A pillars that'll go up to that. – I'm getting ready to build the bed. So it's going to be a flat bed,
and it'll be at the same height as the seat platform on the cab. So we'll actually have
some kickers that come up off the frame to support it. I'm going to tack all this together. Dave and I are going to set it up there, get it all level, and
then we'll burn it in. And then we'll start building
the other parts for it. – It's still not done. (upbeat blues music) – Morning, Dave. – Morning. We brought Eric here. – Good morning, Dave. – This is Eric Filar
and his daughter Heidi. They were on their way to the lake. They work at Motive Gear
and so we had em stop by just to check out our project, and now we canceled their lake plans and they're going to stay here. – And we lured them into
doing gears, get it? Fishing joke. – Lured, got it, that was a good one. – No, it was a pleasure. (rock music) – So we got the axles out, we just took the carrier bolts out, we're ready to pull the carrier out, we're going to put some
Motive Gear 538s in this and I believe a Detroit locker, and then we'll zip her back together. (rock music) (machinery whirs) – The Eaton Detroit Locker is, essentially any time
you're not under power it allows it to ratchet so it
doesn't wear out the tires. The second you're on
the gas it locks solid and gives you 100% power to both tires, and keeps you going forward. So no more one wheel peel. You'll have both tires
spinning at the same rate. (rock music) – Pulled the front axle apart,
I pulled the axle shafts out, I pulled the front diff out, so now I need to pull the pinion out, and then it'll be completely torn down and ready to go back together. (rock music) – We did pretty good today. – We did things. – Front and rear lockers,
front and rear gears, front suspension… – This thing's dialed, we're ready to go!

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  2. You make a ton of money with actual views on YouTube….when you have no actual show to watch, you get no views. MotorTrend wants us to subscribe and pay a lot to watch mini shows…sorry but I'm not doing it. Especially when there's not a lot of content. No new shows for months sometimes. Haven't watched a 'dirt everyday' in nearly a year…oh, that's right…you can't unless you pay more then you should. I feel atleast…

  3. I hate to infuse reality but each year BP publishes a document that reveals when the oil will be exhausted. The number is down to less than 60 years. That's right. I'll be dead, my daughter won't be driving, my grandson might still be driving and his children will be FURIOUS! We know that the precious oil is running out. We know to a 90% accuracy when that will occur. But we still refuse to acknowledge the FACT that the precious resources WILL BE totally gone. Totally gone. Hey but let's keep our heads inserted up there and pretend that the resource is limitless. Let's ignore the reality because it is very "inconvenient" and continue to behave as if the fossil fuels are "limitless" which they are NOT. We won't be around to hear the HATE from future generations that can't board a flight to Maui. There is simply NO substitute for the oil. Air travel will have to cease because WE have pissed away all of the resource. Sad. I implore the readers to embrace electric vehicles for the commute. This is totally realistic. Save the precious OIL for the future. Your great-great-grand kids will love you.

  4. I really don't remember a time when beating a differential into the housing was considered standard practice.

  5. Why not just used the van front end and chop it i to a truck bed on the back seems like a big waste of time just get a mog or jeep cabover

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