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Luminox Navy Seals – In-Depth Review

Luminox Navy Seals – In-Depth Review

Hi and welcome to another Watch Geek video! Today I’ll be doing a review of a Luminox
Colormark watch. But first I would like to thank Silvertime
watch store for supplying this watch and if you want to check them out, you can click
on the link in the description. With this watch I would like to start off
with the tritium lume as it is the defining feature of these watches. To people who have used tritium, there is
nothing new I can say, it works as it should and you can expect up to 10 years of non-fading
usage, as tritium has a half-life of 12,3 years, meaning it will lose half it’s power
in that time. To those who never experienced tritium lume,
you might get dissapointed at first, especially if you are used to divers watches, as tritium
works a little different and is not nearly as bright as regular lume in the first couple
of minutes, meaning that if you walk into a dark room after being outside on a sunny
day, you will have trouble telling time until your eyes get a little accustomed to darkness,
and to show you exactly what I mean I did my usual lume shot in exactly the same way
I do it for every watch I review, and as you can see, it is a lot weaker than anything
I reviewed so far. However, the initial brightness on regular
lume fades away quickly and within 5-10 minutes tritium will be brighter, and will keep looking
brighter and brighter to your eyes as you spend more time in the dark. So despite the lume shot I just showed you,
it is very visible and bright in the dark. The reason for that is that regular lume stores
light that it has been exposed to, and then emits it, so when you walk into a dark room
from the outside, the regular lume is at its peak and will be very bright, but will keep
fading away as you spend more time away from a light source, while tritium is a self-sustained
light source, meaning it doesn’t require charging as it uses sealed vials that have tritium
inside which is a radioactive gas that emits electrons. The vials are painted with phosphorus on the
inside so when the electrons from tritium hit the phosphorus, light is emitted. Because of this it has a constant brightness
even if it is permanently in the dark. This brightness will slowly fade away over
the years, like I mentioned in the beginning until it dies out completely in about 20 to
30 years, so it does have a an expiration date, after which you should replace the vials
completely. It is a very interesting and cool way of doing
watch lume, but for my personal daily activites where I often have situations where I go from
a very bright outside to almost pitch dark inside, regular lume is better and more practical. The other prominent feature of this watch
is it’s marketing and being called the official Navy Seals and SAS watch. That part to me personally is complete BS,
and I don’t buy into it for a second, just like I don’t buy the BS of Navy seals actually
wearing JLC watches on missions. If you google photos of navy seals that aren’t
a part of marketing campaigns of these brands, you will see that they mostly wear Suunto
watches, Pro-Treks and G-Shocks. Even better, try to google photos DW-6600
and army and see what comes out. So, these watches do have a tactical look
to them, but they are not actually used for tactical missions as far as I know, but in
today’s world every brand tries to connect with something people might find cool, so
I am not really mad at Luminox for doing this, especially since I know it would not be the
reason that would make me buy one. Moving on to the case, it is made of what
Luminox calls PC Carbon, or carbon reinforced Polycarbonate, which makes it look and feel
like plastic. Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing
wrong with plastic, especially one as advanced as this, as it makes the watch very light
and the thing I like the most about it is that even when you scratch it, the scratches
will be unnoticeable, unlike a PVD coated Stainless Steel watch that’s going to show
the bare metal underneath. Some people might find the lack of weight
weird and might confuse it with lack of quality, but you shouldn’t. What does disappoint me a little, is that
it really does look and feel like regular plastic and I wish they made it look a little
more special. For example, a friend of mine bought a Valentino
Rossi watch from his fan store, and although It’s just a regular Seiko powered quartz
Chronograph, the case is made of carbon. And when you hold that in your hands, even
though it shares the same lightness of the Luminox, it doesn’t look or feel like plastic
at all. It actually looks cool and makes you feel
like it’s something special. So I wish Luminox did something similar
with their cases, just to move away from the look and feel of regular plastic. The caseback is held by 4 little screws like
on Casio watches, and has engraved water resistance and crystal information with a big Navy Seals
symbol in the middle so you don’t forget it’s a Navy Seals watch. When it comes to the case size, it is 44mm
in diameter but wears more like a 40-41mm because of the thick bezel and relatively
short lug to lug of 47,5mm. It is 13,8mm thick but sits well on the wrist
and is very comfortable to wear due to only 56g of weight. The strap it comes on is a silicone rubber
which is very soft and adds to the comfort. I like the overall design of the strap and
the Luminox logo embossed on it. The buckle is massive and gives a feeling
of being indestructible. The bezel on the other hand doesn’t give
you that feeling. It just feels and sound so weird to turn it,
that I have a feeling I am braking something inside every time I use it. Like they used a plastic click mechanism. It is a 60 click bezel and features the louminus pip at 12 o’clock. The pip is another tritium tube that is covered
by this small piece of crystal. Some people have complained about this crystal
falling out making the tritium vial exposed, but apparently that was on early production
models, that also had a problem of tritium vials on the dial falling out. The crown is big, easy to grip and seems to
be made of the same material as the case. Despite it not being a screwdown crown, the
watch comes with 200meters of water resistance. The crystal is mineral and underneath is the
tactical designed dial and hands. These both look really good and go well with
the look of the watch. The dial markers and hands are bright, legible
and fun looking, which makes the dial definitely my favorite part of the watch. I especially love how the tritium vials give
the hands a 3d look. The Luminox logo is at 12 o clock and is quite
large. The date is at 3 o’clock and done in white,
which means, again, that I would prefer a No date version to give a more symmetrical
look. At 6 o’clock you first have the SWISS quartz,
then the water resistance inscription and underneath again a SWISS made inscription. A bit too swiss If you ask me. It’s like it’s saying: “Look at me I
am swiss, I promise I am” like it’s not sure it is and is trying to make both you
and itself believe that it is. Another thing I don’t like is how they state
at least 20 armed forces, coast guards and other cool macho organizations at the beginning
of their manuals, like the manual is issued to these organizations by their request, but
there isn’t a single information on what exact movement they are using. You get the feeling like they are trying to
hide something while throwing BS information in your face as much as possible. I really don’t like that, even though I
want to like the watch. To conclude, despite my love for the design
of this watch and the cool factor of the tritium lume, I would personally not buy one. It’s not so much the lack of the feeling
of quality, even though that is another factor making me not want one, especially the bezel
action. It’s the BS marketing and the lack of proper
technical information that makes me stay away from this. It is advertised as a Tough Swiss made quartz
watch, but it just doesn’t give me that feeling. If I was in the market for a Tough swiss made
quartz watch, I would go for the INOX I reviewed recently. Now that watch gives you a feeling of toughness. In the same way the INOX made me change the
way I feel about it, from thinking it is all marketing BS to actually making me like it
and believing it can really take whatever you throw at it, this watch went from me liking
it to actually being disappointed by it. If Luminox becomes more transparent in the
future and concentrates more on telling me how they make their watches instead of listing
all the organizations they payed to use their name for marketing purposes, I might actually
get one. Until then, I don’t think so. I would like to thank you for watching. I hope you enjoyed, if you did, please like
and subscribe by pressing this button right here, and until the next video, bye!

Reader Comments

  1. Good afternoon!! Excellent table top but l agree with you that the navy seals don't use this in there everyday use , me l get a Seiko 007 just my opinion lol..thanks for sharing!!😀

  2. I like the color combo.  Great points which convinced me not to consider this watch.  I agree G-Shocks and Victoriknox are excellent and the Superman of these watches.  👍😜

  3. I have a Traser H3 watch that I use on my bedside table and agree that the tritium tubes provide very good legibility for dark-adapted eyes.  The Traser is cheaper than the Luninox, and doesn't use the disingenuous marketing gimmick of association to the US Navy SEALS.

    And yes, of course, a G-Shock is always a better instrument for the situations where the Luminox professes to be designed for.

  4. Question, What model in G Shock analog have you researched and found is the best. Great Video… Thanks… OOoooo except for the Casio MRG $$$$$

  5. I got the chance to buy a Luminox Nav SPC and I’m liking it quite a bit so far. I haven’t had any issues with mine these past couple months. The bezel is stiff, which I like, and the tritium does what it’s supposed to do. I bought it instead of a Traser or Marathon because it was priced at $250 and had the features I was looking for: tritium tubes, sapphire crystal, GMT, and it is unlike the many other watches I own. I agree, the high pricing and terrible marketing gimmicks are definitely reason not to laud the company and with that said I am still satisfied with my purchase. For work and recreation I often swap between my Casio PRG 650Y, Hamilton Khaki Auto, and the Luminox Nav SPC. It has a Ronda quartz movement which keeps good time (+3 seconds for measured over the past week). I recommend it to folks who are looking for something different in their collection and are realistic about expectations. Luminox is owned by Mondaine so the quality control matches of that company. Of my military friends, only four own Luminox watches, and each have told me similar things as to what I am saying, “be realistic, it’s a watch not a tank.” I’ll pick up a Traser with a sapphire crystal and then do a video comparison. Should be interesting.

  6. The Navy Seal thing is really old. I know a vendor at a monthly trade show who has some really good gear for sale. It would easily stand on its own merits. He ALWAYS goes on about how the Navy Seals use this and the Navy Seals use that. I don't care. I have told the guy many times to please stop telling me that because for one, I know it is BS and two, I wouldn't care anyhow. I have even said I would buy certain items from him if he dropped the NS thing but it is so ingrained in his spiel, he can't not say it.

  7. I can't prove it, but I'm pretty sure the quartz movement is Japanese, though the watch itself is assembled in Switzerland. It's not a problem for me, though, as their quartz movements are excellent. The Luminox that I've had have been exceptional in hard field use, however, though if you want a true dive watch you'll pay more.

  8. I had one that I used until the tubes died then bought another. You can't go wrong with this watch. I have worn one every day for over 20 years. Never had a problem. I take it off to change the battery. That's it

  9. Ya know, the seals aren’t the only ones going to war and stepping in the shit. Most guys just wear digital watches. Besides, nightvision will pick up the glow of a watch haha; from a loooong way away.

  10. not a good quality watch …. i got one because of the "navy seal" durability ads thing …. but after a year of regular office use … the strap broke 🙁 …. better get yourself a Casio G-Shock

  11. I trust you to give your genuine opinions and I value this channel for that. I have yet to see a video of your's that I haven't liked.

  12. What is a GLC watch?
    At the beginning, talking about marketing he said they wouldn't use a GLC watch on missions. I don't get it? I get the marketing though. Good review.

  13. You are 💯 % correct about the Lume. It’s brightest when you wake up at 4am! I’m with the Seals, and prefer ProTrek or G-Shock. Luminox is the only watch I have that I regret spending my💰 on. It’s lightweight for sure but feels more like a $36 watch rather than $300+ ⏱

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