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Lowe’s Military Discount

Lowe’s Military Discount

Hi folks it’s Mike with Have
you been searching the newspaper for Lowe’s discount coupons, or Lowe’s rebate information?
Well I’ve got some good news for at least a percentage of the population. That’s because
our friends at Lowe’s have made the decision at the corporate level to honor those of us
who have served in the US military. If you meet certain military or post-military criteria,
you are eligible for an instant 10% in store discount at Lowe’s at checkout. In other words,
if you go to Lowe’s and purchase a $400 gas range or dishwasher, you will be eligible
for a $40 dollar discount on the spot. Our friends at Lowe’s did not stop there. The
discount also applies to larger purchases up to $5000. For example, if you buy carpet
at a cost of $4000, and you are eligible for the military discount, you will receive $400
off the total at checkout. And there’s more! The discount not only applies to in stock
items, it can be applied to special order items as well. Now let’s take a look at exactly who is eligible
for this discount. To be eligible for this discount you will need to provide documentation
usually in the form of an ID card, that you meet one of the following conditions: You
are currently in the US military. That you are an immediate family member of a person
currently serving in the US military, (you will need to provide your military dependent
identification card). If you are in the US military reserves you are also eligible for
this discount benefit. All retired US military personnel and disabled veterans are also eligible.
Again you will have to provide the necessary identification to receive the benefit. Now let’s take a look at what is excluded from this offer.
Online sales at Previous sales, in other words if you were in the store last
week and made a purchase, you will not be able to go back now after watching this video
and request your discount. Also excluded from this discount is the purchase for services.
I was not sure what that meant so I called my local Lowe’s store and was told that labor
is not discounted. For example, take the carpet that we talked about before. Those who qualify
for the military discount would receive 10% off the carpet only. The labor to install
the carpet would not be discounted. Abuse of the program. Let’s keep in mind that
this privilege is extended to military and former military people as a courtesy from
Lowe’s. It should not be abused in any form or fashion. In other words, don’t run around
the neighborhood and tell everybody that you can go to Lowe’s for them and make purchases
and save them 10%. Lowe’s is under no obligation whatsoever to provide this discount, and abuse
of the program may cause it to be discontinued.

Reader Comments

  1. I know a lady who's dead husband retired from Air Force. She still gets veteran benefits. I know another young girl who's father retired from the navy. She also gets the veteran benefits. I served and got an honorable discharge, but I can't get the same benefits. Makes no sense.

  2. Lowe's now offers a 10% discount to all military veterans. Click the following link to watch the official video from Lowe's and get all of the details ~

    Thank You For Your Military Service

  3. Feb 17th 2018 The Lowes in Wilkes Barre, PA won't give Veterans discount unless you sign up for their My Lowes program. So they can track your purchases and harass you with marketing. It's not enough that you served your country in a time of war, have a DD214, Certificate of Honorable Discharge, and your state drivers license says VETERAN on it ! No ! You can't get the Veterans discount ! Shop at Home Depot instead. Yes I am pissed at Lowes unAmerican behavior.

  4. Lowe's Puente Hills CA doesn't honor the policy. Oh, they give you the 10%, but treat you very poorly AFTER they get your money. Poor installation of appliances, damage your property, just dump boxed appliances in your home and leave, hang up on you when you call, manager ignores your call…………they totally ignore their Customer/Employee Policy. This store is rated 1 star or 2 on Yelp, very poor employees AND management!

  5. Veterans should double-check this. I just heard Lowe’s recently changed this policy. You don’t automatically get 10% off everything.

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